Real Friendships, Please?

The other day my friend Erin wrote a post about friendship and it got me thinking about friendships in my own life.  Over the last year or two, I realized that I wanted more true friendships in my life. It’s not that I don’t have any of these friendships now, I do, and I love those girls.   The difference is that I’ve stopped investing my time into the superficial friendships.  Only knowing someone on the surface and never getting to know their true self feels like a waste of my time.  To me, a real friend cares about the other person and trusts them enough to open themselves up with the knowledge that their friend will love them no matter what they learn about them. 


And friendship shouldn’t just be about the good times either.   I think they’re more important during the not so great times.  For example, Rachael, my best friend, and my sister came and hung out with me the other day when I was having a bad day. I wasn’t much fun to be around, in fact, I didn’t say much. But they were there when I needed them. 



I’m grateful for the wonderful friends I’ve had for so many years and I am also grateful for the new friendships that God has brought into my life over the last year or so. They are the kind of friendships I’ve been wanting. They are the friendships I finally have.


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I’m a twenty-something wannabe city girl living in Tallahassee, FL with my husband and high school sweetheart, David, and our girls, Kennedy and Reese. I'm a financial analyst, much better with numbers than words, but this is my attempt at recording this wonderful, crazy life of ours.

2 thoughts on “Real Friendships, Please?”

  1. Melissa- I am glad to be counted as one of your friends. I hope one day I can be one of your friends who comes to your side on your not so good days. By the way, I missed seeing you tonight, and hope all is well. Can’t wait to reconnect again.

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