Sick Day

David and I both ended up staying home from work today.  Neither one of us felt great but I was better off than he was since I caught the bug first.  Today, I just felt weak and my stomach was still queasy and upset.   So while I was turning the corner to recovery, David was still down in the trenches taking grenades.  I have to say, it was nice that our bug was spread out by a couple of hours because he was able to take care of me yesterday and I was well enough to help him out today.  

Our sick day looked something like this….

Laying in bed ALL DAY with the dogs and sleeping on and off

Watching The Office… Michael Scott can always make you feel better!

Cuddling and being generally miserable together (sorry it’s blurry)

About 5pm, we decided we should try to eat something. David thought Subway sounded good so we forced ourselves out of bed out into the world. I was in my pajamas and it wasn’t cute. I don’t have a picture and you wouldn’t want to see one. After the last 2 days I’ve had, I really couldn’t care less what I looked like at that point. So we picked up Subway and stopped by Walgreens to stock up on more Powerade and Gatorade.


And then we got back in bed. I am pretty much all caught up on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 so today was somewhat productive. We’re planning to go back to work tomorrow and hopefully we won’t take the bug with us.


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I’m a twenty-something wannabe city girl living in Tallahassee, FL with my husband and high school sweetheart, David, and our girls, Kennedy and Reese. I'm a financial analyst, much better with numbers than words, but this is my attempt at recording this wonderful, crazy life of ours.

2 thoughts on “Sick Day”

  1. you should have told me to pick up subway for you guys so you didn’t have to leave!! how many times did i ask if you needed anything!?! glad you guys are getting better! ❤ you both

  2. I sure do hope you guys are better today. I was really feeling bad for you until I saw the dreaded Gatorade…the lemon-lime one….YUCK!! I had to drink 32 oz of that mixed with Miromax (the middle size) every 15 minutes, 8oz at a time the night before my colonoscopy (after taking 4 Ducolax pills) and the last 32 oz. at 3AM the next moring. Needless to say I will never drink that again. I should have chose the blue raspberry….only two choices. That was horrible, but I’m thankful that it’s done and i was all good. Love you so much.

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