Seriously, DMV?!?

I’m forewarning you because I’m about to rant a little bit….

My license expired this month, on my birthday, the 7th, to be exact. I tried to renew online and for some reason I couldn’t. The 7th was a Sunday and not only was I not in town guess who wasn’t open. That’s right, the DMV. I was now driving with an expired license and was going have to pay a late fee of $15. Awesome.

So I went to the DMV. I waited for about 20 minutes or so before being informed by the man at the counter that I needed the following….


He then asked if I wanted to pay $6 for a 30 day permit since my license would not be getting renewed. I was frustrated and my patience at this point was wearing thin so I said, “No, I’ll risk it.” I left with my checklist.

Yesterday, I went back to the DMV with what I thought was a complete list of the stuff they wanted. Wrong again! My marriage license was printed from the Clerk of the Courts website because I lost ours when we went on our cruise. Apparently, there is a TON of marriage license fraud in Tallahassee because I – needed the original (say that part in a whiney, annoying voice).

Come on! There are how many illegal aliens DRIVING in Florida and I, an actual US citizen, was getting put through the ringer! I mean did they want a drop of blood while they were at it? Might as well verify my DNA and get the profile for your records.

I was not leaving there without getting this stupid thing renewed so I was charged $4 for them to order an official copy from the Clerk of the Court. Same place my copy came from by the way. I was not happy at this point.

Then the lady told me she needed a new picture (insert sad face here). I was planning on keeping my old picture so I wasn’t prepared and let’s be real here – what girl doesn’t want a good picture? Let me also remind you that I got Oxyclean IN. MY. EYE. yesterday morning so it was watering, red and bloodshot. Didn’t matter. I got a new picture anyways… I didn’t even look at it because I assumed I looked like a drug addict.

When it was FINALLY time to pay I noticed a sign that said they didn’t take debit or credit cards with visa logos but GLADLY accepted discover, MasterCard and Amex. I thought, “yay, I’ll use my Amex and get points.” I handed her the card and she said, “we add 2.5% for credit cards.” Seriously, I about lost it. This was definitely a help me Jesus moment. Luckily, I had my checks with me because I would have left before paying that additional 2.5%. I mean you’re taking my money, charging me fees all over the place and now you’re going to make it THIS difficult for me to actually pay you! I wrote my check and left with my drug addict drivers license.


Ok it’s not that bad. But my eye is puffy looking!

I’m now a licensed Florida driver that has been identity verified or whatever they call it and all I got was this Stupid. Gold. Star!


I understand driving is a privilege and not a right, but next time I’ll let my license stay expired a while. Rant over.


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I’m a twenty-something wannabe city girl living in Tallahassee, FL with my husband and high school sweetheart, David, and our girls, Kennedy and Reese. I'm a financial analyst, much better with numbers than words, but this is my attempt at recording this wonderful, crazy life of ours.

One thought on “Seriously, DMV?!?”

  1. Hey I was really excited about my gold star! Next time you can renew online. DMV sucks. But you’re picture isn’t bad at all you look beautiful 🙂

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