Nursery DIY #2 and a name hint!

Oh Pinterest, I love you so! Of course this idea came from there! I saw this before I had the nursery planned, but I’ve been set on using it in some way. Turns out wrapping with twine was perfect for what I’m going for in there πŸ™‚

So, I bought a cardboard letter…


Yes, a K!

I used jute(twine) to wrap it with because I preferred that color and texture.

First, I covered the top and bottom


Then, I got to wrapping. Every few rows I put some hot glue down just to keep it secure (also used it in the more angled areas to hold the twine where I wanted it). The wrapping part will be different depending on the letter, but it’s hard to go wrong as long as you pay attention. I used 2 rolls of twine so I kept one going continually and the other for any small pieces I needed randomly.

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After wrapping it looked like this.

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Then I moved on to the flowers. I used a strip of fabric about an inch thick and the length varied depending on the size of the flower. I think my biggest flower had a strip about 16″.


Most people use felt or another piece of fabric, but I had index cards so that’s what I used and… It worked perfectly.

Start by folding one end of your fabric into a point and hot glue that down to the center of the fabric (index card) with the folds facing down.


Then, you just start twisting the fabric (always in the same direction) around the center point.





Eventually, you end up with a flower! Trim all the excess fabric (index card) off and your done!


I made 3 flowers and a bow. Once I decided my placement I hot glued them down to the K (any ideas yet?)

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Last step, I attached ribbon to the back of the K to hang it.


Done, and done!

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I’m a twenty-something wannabe city girl living in Tallahassee, FL with my husband and high school sweetheart, David, and our girls, Kennedy and Reese. I'm a financial analyst, much better with numbers than words, but this is my attempt at recording this wonderful, crazy life of ours.

14 thoughts on “Nursery DIY #2 and a name hint!”

  1. Honey…you did a wonderful job with that letter! By the time I get there, I will see the whole finished product…even my first grandchild or granddaughter! Times going fast now. I hope you’re feeling pretty good. If you want an new baby puppy, Al and Susans dog is pregnant, too. Lots o’ Love to you, David and K.

      1. Yes I did πŸ™‚ I REALLY would love to see you when you come down this month. I’d love to catch up with you!! When are you guys coming?

  2. I love love love this!!! You are doing one for me when I have a little girl! Or you can make me an E! Haha! And a K???? What is this precious girl’s name? I NEED to know!! Love you!

  3. My guesses:
    Kayla, Kailynn, Kelsey, Kaleigh, Kylie, Kallie, Karis…

    Karis is my main pick. πŸ˜‰

    Can’t wait!!

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