DIY Headbands

I love all the little headbands you see on Etsy and in pictures on Pinterest, but I wasn’t super excited about paying $10+ per headband when I knew I could make them pretty easily. So, I went to Hobby Lobby bought my supplies and spent my Friday night making headbands… until my glue gun broke.


Source: via Stacey on Pinterest

Here’s what I bought


Elastic, felt backers, and totally making life easy a bunch of flowers from the SCRAPBOOK SECTION! I already had a needle and thread and glue gun.

I started by measuring and cutting the elastic. I measured the elastic 11″ unstretched and picked this number after googling “newborn head circumference.” My elastic has a good amount of stretch in it in case baby girl has a big head, too! Once I cut the elastic I sewed the ends together.

Then, I took the part with the seam and used that area to glue my flowers (so the rest of the headband is seamless). I took a felt backer and hot glued it to the underside of the elastic (for smaller flowers I cut the felt a little).

Cutting the felt

Gluing the felt to the elastic

Then I added a little more glue to the top and pressed my flower on top.

Adding the flower

The back after the flower was attached

I made 3 headbands, and then my glue gun broke.

Obviously I don’t have a newborn head to test them on, but I think they looked pretty cute on Stewy! Sorry, Stewart.
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The best part is that I bought all the stuff I needed for about $8 and still have enough elastic and flowers for several more headbands. So much cheaper than buying them! Now, that I’ve done it I have plans for some more intricate ones… but I need a new glue gun first!

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4 thoughts on “DIY Headbands”

  1. They are so cute, honey. Miss K will look adorable in them all. Looks real cute on Stewie. Won’t be long now baby. I hope you’re feeling okay. Love you.

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