Guppy Update – 32 weeks


Musings on the Weekly Photo(s):
– OK, I feel that I must provide clarification. That is NOT my belly button you’re seeing… that is the top of the panel on my stupid maternity pants.

Marination Time: 32 weeks 4 days (8 months no matter how you count at this point)

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Fruit of the Week/Size of Guppy: A squash or a large jicama… no clue what a jicama is and squash is pretty darn vague. We had our ultrasound today and she’s 4 pounds 5 ounces (46 percentile)! Based on that we’re looking at having a 7.5 pound or so baby girl in a few weeks. The ultrasounds are not always the most accurate though so we’ll see in a few weeks! Her heart rate was 148 bpm. My sources till me that she’s sleeping 90-95% of the day, and sometimes experiences REM sleep, an indication of dreaming. If this is true, she moves in her sleep A LOT!

Possibly her last photo shoot until we meet her! Just her style… she was uncooperative and also getting too big to fit much of her on the screen at one time!

If you’re confused her ribs are to the left and her face is to the upper right. Her mouth is open. These pictures are definitely the least clear of all the ultrasounds we’ve gotten. She just wouldn’t turn her head away from my placenta and the tech was trying to go through it. Oh well.
ae744751, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Name: KBD

Movement: The stretches and wiggling are starting to get pretty uncomfortable sometimes. Not painful, just more so like, “will you stop whatever you’re doing in there already.” My sister and I had a sleepover this week while David was traveling for work and K was putting on a little show for her. Her head and butt both made their own lump on my stomach and it was so awkward looking. Lo also said it looked like a little earthquake on my stomach when she moved. Nice.

Cravings: Nope. I guess it’s good that nothing sounds particularly amazing because I really don’t have much room left. I also don’t need any additional poundage thank you very much.

– Feet… ouch. I can’t really be barefoot at this point, but I haven’t caved yet as far as buying Crocs or other squishy shoes.
– I’m a lot warmer than I used to be. My heater used to run at work year round and I haven’t had it on at all the last few days. We are also keeping the air around 76 at home and it still feels warm to me (we used to run it at 78 and I was perfectly comfortable). I guess my little baby heater finally kicked in.

What I Miss:
– Not much. I’ve resigned myself to being large and fairly immobile these last few weeks. I’m walking about 3 miles a day, but I do miss going to the gym and getting a good work out in.

Belly Button: same, no additional poppage.

Stretch Marks: I believe I have found 3 tiny ones… they’re less than an inch long, kind of pink spots, but my sister agrees that’s what she thinks they are. Without too much detail… I’ll say they’re located on an area I’ve been neglecting to put oil on (fail on my part), but they will be unseen even in a bathing suit so it’s ok for now. I’m just hoping they stay this tiny and don’t get any bigger!

Labor Signs: Nada.

– I used to sleep in David’s t-shirts because they were big and comfy. They aren’t big and or comfy anymore.
– David was out of town for our birth class so I was the only one without a baby daddy this week. Good thing it was our 3rd class and my ring still fits 😉
– Today is exactly 1 month until she’s full term!
– she flipped! She’s head down… now she just needs to stay that way!

Highlights of the Week:
– ultrasound… Love seeing her!


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