Cloth Diaper Update

If you missed it, here’s my first cloth post. This is my first update!

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I’ll start by saying that I love cloth diapering and I’m so happy I made the decision to try it. I know it sounded crazy and some people probably still think I’m crazy, but I’ve also changed a lot of minds in the process so I can’t be THAT crazy šŸ˜‰

so here are my thoughts on certain cloth diaper subjects…

– washing. I wash every other day, but I let them air dry (to protect the PUL – waterproof outer layer), so I don’t stuff/fold until the next day. Every day I’m either washing or stuffing, but either job only takes about 10 minutes so it’s easy.

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– daycare. She was having some leaking issues at daycare a few weeks back, but it seemed like user error to me. She’s the only cloth baby in the whole place and I have several different brands, all with different snap setting, so sometimes they’re not snapped correctly. They were also changing her every 2-2.5 hours which is a fairly long time for cloth so now they change her every 1.5 hours or so and we’ve been leak free!

I bring 7 diapers to daycare on Monday. I leave whatever is left at the end of the day there and bring enough the next day to make 7 again.

– poop. It’s a non-issue really. Breast milk is water soluble so it washes clean just throwing it in the wash. If there is any staining I let the diapers get some sun and they’re bleached perfectly white again.

This will change when she starts solids at 6 months, but I’m not worried… for now.

-wipes. I still use disposable wipes. I’ve gone back and forth on cloth wipes, but it just hasn’t been a big enough deal for me to mess with it.

– stash. I have 26 diapers with another 4 on the way. This is enough for an every other day wash with a few to spare. As far as brands go, I’m sticking with bumgenius 4.0s, Flips, Fuzzibunz. I have a few Lotus Bumz (Alvas) that are OK, but not my favorite. She also grew out of her thirsties duo, and I won’t buy any more of those. I generally use any of them during the day and a Flip or a bumgenius at night.

I have a million microfiber inserts since most of my diapers came with 2. They work fine, but I also bought a bunch of cotton/hemp and hemp inserts and I prefer those. I’m also waiting on some bamboo inserts so we’ll see how those work.

– bulkiness. Yes, they’re thicker than a disposable, but not by much and in my opinion it’s in a totally cute fluffy-butt way. I also haven’t had any issues as far as her clothes not fitting because of the diaper. Her fuzzibunz are definitely the trimmest and that’s why I love them for daytime use.

– snaps. I’ve never used an aplix (velcro) diaper and I probably never will. I love snaps. I love the versatility of them for sizing. I love that she won’t be able to take her diaper off on her own as easily. I love that I don’t have to mess with the tabs of the diapers to avoid them sticking to everything when I wash. I love the durability of snaps… the velcro wears over time and the snaps won’t so the diaper lasts longer.

– one size. My whole stash is one size. Not having to deal with sizing up and figuring out which ones don’t fit is nice. With mine, as she grows I either adjust the elastic on the Fuzzibuns or move the snaps on the others and they’ll fit up to 35lbs. The drawback to one size is that they all say you can use them at about 8lbs, but they look massive on a newborn. I didn’t start her in cloth until July because of this so she was about 6 weeks. For the next baby, I’ll get newborn diapers so I can use them right from birth.

– diaper as a pants substitute. It has come in handy a few times that she had a colorful diaper on when the diaper cover of her dress got dirty, but I treat them like diapers… not pants. They get covered with actual clothing.

– Obsession? I don’t have one. I’m a part of 3 different co-ops that get wholesale prices on diapers and other baby items and there are women out there who have 100+ diapers. As cute as they are, I think that’s stupid. Granted, they’re only paying $2-3 for a diaper, but that’s a little over the top. If I see a super cute print I’ll get it, and I may have bought her a Christmas diaper (it had owls on it!), but there will be no obsessing over here. It’s still a diaper.

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So, that’s update number 1 and I’ll do another one after the switch to solids.

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8 thoughts on “Cloth Diaper Update”

  1. I tried cloth diapers on my son, who is now 27 and the were just the white cotton diapers with saftey pinss on the sides and rubber pants over the top. They were not cute or easy at all. I have to admit I tried and I failed. I really wish know looking back that I had given it more of a try. What a lot of cute colors she has.

    1. I think the way they are made now makes it SO much easier. I probably wouldn’t have even tried it with pins so I give you credit for attempting it šŸ™‚

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