Kennedy 10 Months

I swear I just did your 9 month post yesterday. Where has the time gone, Kennedy?!

 photo Kennedy10months2of2_zps53199816.jpg
 photo Kennedy10months1of2_zps757933e1.jpg

This month…

Was our first stay-at-home month. It was kind of awesome {I’ll speak for both of us}.

 photo Kennedy10months3of19_zpsc688ce49.jpg

She makes the “Indian noise” with her mouth {not pc? I’m not very pc, sorry, but you know the Cowboys and Indians noise you make by saying “ohhhh” and tapping your hand on your mouth? That.

 photo Kennedy10months10of19_zps37c2c013.jpg

She shakes her head no and yes. I’m starting to believe she’s using it in context… not always, but it darn sure seems like it.

 photo Kennedy10months9of19_zps2f459a19.jpg

She stands by herself… For a LONG time. She can bend over and pick things up and stand back up. She can bounce and clap while she’s standing. She has also taken a step, but it’s as she’s coming down and I don’t count it.

 photo Kennedy10months1of7_zps8b292ec5.jpg

Sleeping is pretty good with either no wake ups or one around 3:30-4. Still with the crazy nights here and there that make me insane, but I blame teething.

 photo Kennedy10months8of8_zps49534132.jpg

She’s about to get some top teeth. She’s working on 3, but 2 are farther along than the other and guess what? It’s 1 middle tooth and 1 side {canine} whatever you call it. She’s going to have an interesting grin until the other 2 top teeth decide to make an appearance.

 photo Kennedy10months15of19_zpse85ac08a.jpg

She knows “arms up” so I can snap her high chair tray in

 photo Kennedy10months4of7_zps5e781cc6.jpg

She got her toe nails painted.

 photo Kennedytoes1of1_zpsd0d07d86.jpg

She prefers to eat what I’m eating and can tell if hers is different. The girl can eat… It’s insane the portions that fit in her tiny body.

 photo Kennedy10months4of19_zps40ce40c5.jpg

She went to the aquarium… Gulf World in Panama City. It was awesome and I highly recommend it if your ever in the area.

 photo D9AB1AE5-D0BE-41B9-B3C4-7E44C67D21C1-1302-000000CCBF621001_zpscdb9c4bb.jpg
 photo 6A422055-1128-42D0-818A-BB18E44A7B03-1302-000000CCC30719B0_zps4d36aeb9.jpg

She’s been a big pacifier fan. I usually only give it to her in the car or at night/naps, but she has it all the time lately. If she finds one she grabs it and puts it in her mouth. I think maybe it helps her gums feel better…

 photo Kennedy10months18of19_zps2bb2062d.jpg

She points. I try to guess what she’s pointing at and tell her about it.

 photo Kennedy10months19of19_zps4eb19baa.jpg

She’s starting to really play with books

 photo Kennedy10months11of19_zps0288b061.jpg

Her fav toys… Toilet paper {unrolling the rolls}, k-cups, her tiny broom, cords, and boxes

 photo Kennedy10months16of19_zps95a789fd.jpg
 photo Kennedy10months6of7_zps90ccacb2.jpg
 photo Kennedy10months2of7_zpse5d351fb.jpg

She went to beach. She had a lot of fun and was splashing in the little puddles and eating sand by the handfuls. Not kidding about the sand, it was gross and I spent most of the time trying to get it out of her mouth.
 photo 43B6C922-024C-4C48-A19F-69B07298382C-1302-000000CC57359D49_zps2ed8fce8.jpg
 photo F3E22EE8-F508-49CE-9F21-9B511F1684C6-1302-000000CC498A8627_zpsff014030.jpg

She climbs steps {at Auntie Lo’s house}, fireplaces, and dishwashers.

 photo Kennedy10months13of19_zps1d4d7334.jpg

She ate a lemon and liked it. I’ve always been a sour fan, but when I was pregnant with her I ate lemons by the bag. I just cut them up and ate them with salt. Now I know why šŸ˜‰

 photo Kennedy10months1of8_zps71083da7.jpg

She also ate a plum down to the nut and got mad when I took it away. I need to buy more plums.

 photo 0349B418-001C-4440-B82E-8975C2D2BB05-1302-000000CDFA0ED7A9_zps7d3a064c.jpg

We think she said her first word… Mama. We were at the beach and I walked out of the room. Kennedy had her back facing me and when I walked back in and started talking she turned and looked at me and said, “mama.” She isn’t saying it often, but if I walk to the kitchen now she’ll follow me and say “ma-ma-ma.”

 photo 9AFE5374-1023-4556-8B4D-F7AFB5BBF335-1302-000000CDB9ED1CF7_zps82ac9aa9.jpg

She naps awesome now that we’re home. Usually 1.5-2 hours each nap. We used to be lucky with 45 minutes.

 photo 8B9D679D-99CC-4849-AB7B-920CA86924EB-1302-000000CEB0777FD0_zpsd84cdeee.jpg

We do flips. She. LOVES. This. I might have to post a video because if she could do it all day she absolutely would.

 photo Kennedy10months7of7_zps4e30adef.jpg

Happy 10 Months, Kennedy! I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always ā¤

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Iā€™m a twenty-something wannabe city girl living in Tallahassee, FL with my husband and high school sweetheart, David, and our girls, Kennedy and Reese. I'm a financial analyst, much better with numbers than words, but this is my attempt at recording this wonderful, crazy life of ours.

7 thoughts on “Kennedy 10 Months”

  1. Ah they’re so close to 1 it’s scary!!! I am amazed by the amount of food that can fit in a tiny belly food. I swear Hayden can eat more than I can in a sitting!

    That’s so funny about the lemon, thing! I bet the aquarium was so fun, we don’t have anything like that around here šŸ˜¦

  2. Rowan has been the same way with her binky. I think it is comforting with her teeth coming in so I have been laid back about it too but I hope that won’t bite me in the butt later šŸ™‚ Do you think her amber necklace is helping or is it hard to tell? Kennedy is looking like such a big girl now! I love and hate that they are growing up so fast. Her swimsuit is so so cute btw!

    1. Hopefully we can go back to not using it often after these teeth come through with no issues… We’ll see!

      I’m not positive about the teething necklace… She’s hasn’t been an absolute terror this go round and she wasn’t bad with the first teeth, but I guess I’d have to go without it to really see if there was a difference and I haven’t yet.

      Bathing suit was a gift… It’s from baby gap šŸ™‚

      Melissa Sent from my iPhone

  3. Melissa, she looks like she is having so much fun and is becoming a busy little girl, well maybe I should say you are becoming a busy Momma. She is so cute and I love in the photo’s the little grin that looks like maybe you have caught her getting into something. What a great age, so much fun to watch her learn and discover everything around her isn’t it? She looks so much like you.

    1. She is all over the place… Definitely keeping me busy! I’m loving it though and she is really starting to be so much fun to play with šŸ™‚

      Sent from my iPhone

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