What David Says About Me…

When Becky, posted about this link up the other day I knew I had to make David do it. He agreed without much wining on my part and it’s been fun to see what he came up with.

So here’s what he said….

Marriage is about trust. The fact that I have been given full access to Melissa’s blog is a testament to this fact. Between my prank loving nature and the stock pile of embarrassing stories I could reveal, I really don’t know what she’s thinking. But let’s not waste time – here are some random facts from my perspective.

1. She really does look this beautiful – ALWAYS.

2. This woman can cook! Her mashed potatoes are hands down the best you’ve ever had {Sorry, Mom Wynsma!}. Even Pinterest fails taste good – lol. Thank god for this – otherwise I would be living off turkey sandwiches and hot pockets.

3. At one point during her pregnancy, she weighed more than a certain starting FSU football player (true story). This is a fun little joke we have – but if I catch you talking about my wife’s weight – we’re fighting.

4. She is a finance wizard – personally and professionally. Her attention to detail when it comes to our household budget is what she would describe as precise – and what I would describe as borderline creepy. In all seriousness – I find her money sense extremely comforting. Yet as conservative and balanced as her budget goals are – I watch her give sacrificially – to friends, to family, to complete strangers. I love this about her. She trusts that god will always provide.”

5. She has 3 types of friends. Real life people who actually exist – Bloggers – who I’m never quite sure are real life people… and last but not least – May Moms – members of this cult-like support group who have essentially become Melissa’s baby consultants. For example Me: “oh look at that toy honey, I bet K would love that.” Mel: “No she won’t like that, one of the May Moms got it and she said it sucks.” Or Me – “what’s this rash on her neck?” Mel: “I posted it on the May Moms board – they said it will be gone in 12 hours.” The frustrating thing – they are pretty much always right. (whenever she starts telling me a story about someone, I have to cut her off and make her clarify whether this is a real person who we’ve actually met)

6. This girl is always cold. Sweaters in the summer. She got upset over the weekend because it was going to be “cold” (74degrees). Perhaps this is a woman thing.

7. She takes the majority of the photos on this blog (plans, shoots, and edits). I guess it’s because I’ve been into photography for a while that a lot of friends and family assume I took ALL the photos – but I always laugh when someone says “oh I love that shot you took….” Then I usually say “Thanks!” LOL JK – I always give credit where it’s do. Melissa knows she is far from a professional – (as am I), but I know she fully understands the relationship between ISO, shutter speed and Aperture. I knew she “had it” when I could actively see her make adjustments in camera to produce a certain desired effect. My back up shooter 4eva šŸ˜‰

8. She hates to be called her name. In this home, she is to be referred to as “babe,” “honey,” or “Mel.” I call her Melissa just to weird her out sometimes. “Melissa” is only seriously used when we are quarreling (super rare) or I’ve been stranded without toilet paper (not as rare).

9. She is a godly woman. She makes him her center and she’s the reason my relationship with him is where it is today. Thank you “babe.”

10. She is an amazing mother who loves her daughter to no end. Maybe you already knew that, but I think its worth mentioning.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this – I had fun! And I’m wrapping this up as quickly as possible because Melissa has let me know that the other husbands have already started posting theirs. We can’t look like procrastinators compared to our imaginary friends now! Lol.

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Iā€™m a twenty-something wannabe city girl living in Tallahassee, FL with my husband and high school sweetheart, David, and our girls, Kennedy and Reese. I'm a financial analyst, much better with numbers than words, but this is my attempt at recording this wonderful, crazy life of ours.

7 thoughts on “What David Says About Me…”

  1. Melissa, I really like this post. I like that he jokes about things but also gets the point across about what a great person you are. Laughed about the toilet paper, seems to be a common thing in our home also. My husband also goes through the “is this someone I know or your computer friends”) that you are telling me about?I consider you a computer/blog friend but more than just that, you are a person who touched my heart 2 years ago at Christmas and I will never forget it. It just showed me that their are still special people in this world and YOU are one of them.

  2. I loved what your husband had to say and the voice behind everything he said. It’s so great to be able to hear about bloggers from those that are closest to them. He had me at the first line… “She’s ALWAYS this beautiful.” And the humor was refreshing. Thank you for linking up!

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