Kennedy – 11 Months

11 months down… 1 to go.

 photo Kennedy11Months1of2_zps024883f9.jpg
 photo Kennedy11Months2of2_zpsf63c8e14.jpg

This month…

She loves being outside.

 photo Kennedy11Months20of24_zps4f51d67e.jpg
 photo Kennedy11Months19of24_zps09c7ed20.jpg
 photo Kennedy11Months22of24_zpscbe517fe.jpg

She can take a few steps. She’s got the balance, she can walk so easily and barely holding one of my fingers, but she seems scared and she knows crawling is easy and fast. Her walker is her favorite and she can fly holding onto it.

 photo Kennedy11Months12of24_zpsfa3e615d.jpg

She babbles in her own little language and plays with her tongue all day.

 photo Kennedy11Months1of24_zpsaebd364c.jpg

She loves, LOVES taking stuff out of drawers, baskets, cabinets… It’ll keep her entertained for days {or until there’s nothing left to take out}

 photo Kennedy11Months13of24_zps828b0555.jpg
 photo Kennedy11Months7of7_zpsaed04e6f.jpg
 photo Kennedy11Months23of24_zpsde625e1b.jpg

She is “sharing.” All day long she hands me whatever she picks up, I take it and say thank you, and then she asks for it back.

 photo Kennedy11Months16of24_zpsf15cc608.jpg
 photo Kennedy11Months15of24_zps42557a3d.jpg

She loves opening and closing doors.

 photo Kennedy11Months24of24_zps252e5175.jpg

She dances. She moves her little hips and bounces her head… Love it.

 photo 280ADE25-F51C-45AF-B8C2-8AD95051D67E-2435-0000016FEFF34E49_zpsc9922d36.jpg

She had her first Easter.

 photo 2A031784-0B88-4A80-AF7B-1DC24E4EA540-2435-0000016F8515CEBB_zps5ab47194.jpg

She’s sleeping 8pm to 7-7:30am.

 photo C6FD8A89-4F4F-4EEE-AF26-3486E2EFDCD1-2435-0000017018CFA683_zps0ab806ce.jpg

She’s only nursing 4 times a day now {morning, both naps, and bedtime}.

 photo 359AF97E-D71E-40E0-94B0-B28258B469E4-2435-0000016FD98BA218_zps734b6936.jpg

She loves being chased.

 photo Kennedy11Months5of24_zps0b6231e9.jpg

She loves flips and “upside down baby”

 photo Kennedy11Months9of24_zps3bf2a99b.jpg

If she sees me coming she’s instantly at warp speed trying to accomplish whatever it is I’m about to stop her from doing and ruin all her fun.

 photo Kennedy11Months5of7_zpsf8550bdb.jpg

She picks out books for me to read, hands it to me, and comes and sits on my lap. She officially obsessed with books and that’s all we do is read.

 photo 76B8C323-C6FE-489D-960E-D5FB46D7018F-2435-0000016F9F68FF73_zps54fa9156.jpg

She went on her third and fourth plane rides and had her second trip to Chicago

 photo 80FE695A-9E49-457E-B1C6-3C6DBA96C38C-2435-0000017007852C73_zpscb73cf77.jpg

She stands and climbs on everything. I’m constantly pulling her off the fireplace, toys, the bottom shelf of our console table. She wears me out.

 photo Kennedy11Months6of7_zps996360b3.jpg

Food. Anything involving food is her favorite.

 photo Kennedy11Months2of7_zps63c03429.jpg
 photo Kennedy11Months4of24_zps2790748b.jpg
 photo Kennedy11Months3of24_zps5ca19eee.jpg

She screams… loud and high pitched. For fun. It’ll hurt your ears.

 photo Kennedy11Months21of24_zps3efbc96f.jpg

She “helps” me with laundry. She rides in the basket and then puts all the clean clothes on my dog hair filled floors.

 photo Kennedy11Months18of24_zpsd6930961.jpg
 photo Kennedy11Months17of24_zps231719e8.jpg

She is so much fun and so happy {most of the time}.

 photo Kennedy11Months10of24_zpsf648727b.jpg
 photo Kennedy11Months14of24_zpsd5d6a759.jpg

Happy 11 months, Kennedy Brooke. I love you to pieces!


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I’m a twenty-something wannabe city girl living in Tallahassee, FL with my husband and high school sweetheart, David, and our girls, Kennedy and Reese. I'm a financial analyst, much better with numbers than words, but this is my attempt at recording this wonderful, crazy life of ours.

4 thoughts on “Kennedy – 11 Months”

  1. I love your posts! It’s crazy to think of how fast they grow. Congrats on staying home–Kennedy looks as though she is thriving. Such a beautiful happy baby!

    1. Thank you! It really is crazy how fast the time goes and I’m so glad I’m home to see it because she’s learning new things everyday and I know I’d miss a lot working.

      Melissa Sent from my iPhone

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