Kennedy – 14 Months

This month…

She loves hiding behind the curtains. She loves playing peek-a-boo and sometimes she just goes back there to hang out. {sidenote… I can’t stop thinking that she looks just like my Uncle Al in this picture}

 photo Kennedy14Months-2043_zps9fdf2f2d.jpg

She is a big fan of crawling into everything

 photo Kennedy14Months-3735_zpsd75d7dbd.jpg

 photo Kennedy14Months-3816_zpsb3d72c5a.jpg

 photo 7A430AD8-A8C3-4E95-93EC-83BF428283D7-738-0000007604D41E8F_zpsfc0b5c7e.jpg

 photo Kennedy14Months-3709_zpsd03b33e3.jpg

We’re working on stacking blocks. Before she would just knock them down as we stacked them, but now she helps stack them… and then knocks them over.

 photo Kennedy14Months-3713_zps8dee9e6e.jpg

She’s loves playing with the cell phone. We gave her an old one to play with, but she definitely prefers the iphone. She has said “Hi” to David and my dad when I was talking to them on the phone.

 photo Kennedy14Months-3727_zpsf09e01b4.jpg

You always know when she’s starting to get tired…

 photo Kennedy14Months-3729_zps9e25b298.jpg

 photo Kennedy14Months-3847_zps13ce48af.jpg

We went to the beach for the 4th of July and she tried her first ice cream cone

 photo A0F34CA3-86C0-4BDC-B6D8-381D31157A65-738-000000759B66D67B_zps9c1b3405.jpg

Speaking of the beach, she’s not afraid of the water anymore, but she’d rather play in the sand.

 photo FC4D9D63-F70F-4A47-AF43-BA10AAE02F81-738-000000759747BCF0_zps1010ad29.jpg
 photo C9293760-291C-4215-BBA1-9B099A7D2C3E-738-0000007643F3AB64_zpsf8d7d00e.jpg
 photo 5BF2E675-A61A-4D43-A6B9-0229EEE45984-738-000000764C4A54BA_zps757c1207.jpg

She LOVES getting dirty. More than anything.

 photo 67804B62-422B-436B-AF8F-55B49974BE89-738-00000076384F5096_zps2e352323.jpg

We painted a picture

 photo 9D9D289F-A875-4F3E-8939-4D6DE913BC41-738-000000761A84B466_zps5283c6bf.jpg

She still loves sitting on everything.

 photo 4C90587A-3B8C-4E7F-9847-9A2D865EDCC4-738-00000075F9D9906F_zpsae0d5d89.jpg
 photo 5DBC5A7D-B0F6-4BE6-BB2A-B0DEF3B2B835-738-00000075E000338D_zps6ee34790.jpg

We play with the hose at least once a day.

 photo 5EAE7D41-1CFD-40D5-A59E-A1EDF8E37288-738-000000765AC290BA_zps52e6c146.jpg

Shopping with her is next to impossible. Unless there is a cool cart… that’ll keep her sitting for a few minutes longer.

 photo 534BAF53-4B8D-46E0-B8B5-3975A5C2DD34-738-0000007592101278_zpse40e1af7.jpg

She’s been wearing her towel like cape… all. the. time. It’s hilarious and adorable and I hope she does it forever.

 photo Kennedy14Months-3810_zpsd7c19d6b.jpg
 photo Kennedy14Months-3821_zps688b15d7.jpg
 photo Kennedy14Months-3868_zps9a73b482.jpg

She loved my dad’s boots.

 photo Kennedy14Months-3759_zps567f474f.jpg

She’s been super clingy lately, but in a cute way… she’s not whining or fussy.

 photo Kennedy14Months-3815_zpsb56d5635.jpg

She LOVES when I let her have a snack and she doesn’t have to be in her chair. She is also obsessed with trying to stuff her mouth as full as possible.

 photo Kennedy14Months-3755_zps3eac2ce8.jpg
 photo Kennedy14Months-3824_zpsf2a5b993.jpg

She was a flower girl in Auntie Lo’s wedding. I’m going to have to wait for the pictures from the photographer though because the day was way too hectic for me to get any shots of her aside from a few at the reception. She’s about to fall asleep in this picture, but she was SO cute in her dress.

 photo Kennedy14Months-3772_zpse4460d52.jpg

She’s crazy, and frustrating, and so dang cute.

 photo Kennedy14Months-3741_zps6ec0d312.jpg
 photo Kennedy14Months-3742_zps0b816c1f.jpg

Happy 14 months, Kennedy Brooke. You’re my whole world and a little bit more ā¤


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Iā€™m a twenty-something wannabe city girl living in Tallahassee, FL with my husband and high school sweetheart, David, and our girls, Kennedy and Reese. I'm a financial analyst, much better with numbers than words, but this is my attempt at recording this wonderful, crazy life of ours.

6 thoughts on “Kennedy – 14 Months”

  1. Love reading Kennedy’s updates! Kaden is doing similar things…climbing into things, being clingy, loves eating when he’s not in his chair, loves getting dirty. Love them!!

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