Pregnant Files |Manatee Mover|

So, I’ve gotten to the point now where I have to do some extra maneuvering to stand up from the couch or get in and out of bed, you know, because I’m carrying around this huge belly.


Last night, I was getting in bed and I didn’t move my snoogle {prego body pillow} out of the way {I just tried to go over it} so it was more difficult. I was rolling and flipping all over the place and David looks over at me and very calmly says,

“We need to get one of those things they use to move manatees for you.”

Let me give you a little visual…

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Awesome. I’ve not only reached manatee status, I need to be moved around my house with a crane like the fat lady in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.

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I’m a twenty-something wannabe city girl living in Tallahassee, FL with my husband and high school sweetheart, David, and our girls, Kennedy and Reese. I'm a financial analyst, much better with numbers than words, but this is my attempt at recording this wonderful, crazy life of ours.

4 thoughts on “Pregnant Files |Manatee Mover|”

  1. Oh Wow, these are the times we wish that our husband could carry a baby for 10 months and see if they still think it is fun to pick on the way we move and waddle! ( say nothing about going through labor and delivery) Haha! I do have to admit that I did laugh out loud while reading it though, just remembering myself feeling like a manatee, truthfully I kind of always felt more like a whale! You still look awesome!

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