{DIY} Dropcloth headboard

I’ve been wanting to DIY a headboard for SO long, but I didn’t have a need for one at my house so when my mom decided to re-do her bedroom and told me she liked the fabric, tufted headboards I started begging her to let me help her DIY one. She finally gave in and I assume she just figured if it was terrible she’d just buy one.

To do this you need:

•A sheet of plywood
•Foam padding {she bought a foam mattress pad}
•Fabric {she used a drop cloth which made it that much cooler AND cheaper!}
•Nailhead trim
•Staple Gun
•Button maker {sorry not sure of the correct term}
• Washers {1 for each button}
• Needle and thread

First, she decided the shape she wanted for the headboard. We drew it out and cut it with the saw. We also decided where we wanted the buttons and drilled holes into the plywood in their place.

 photo DIYHeadboard-0841_zps58c73766.jpg

 photo DIYHeadboard-0837_zps8d5c2d90.jpg

Then we cut the foam to fit the plywood

 photo DIYHeadboard-0853_zpsa11a4e54.jpg

 photo DIYHeadboard-0850_zps933703d4.jpg

{um, look at my tiny baby girl!}

Once that was cut we laid it all in order. Foam, batting, drop cloth. We went around and stapled the batting every few inches and then we started with the drop cloth. The style my mom wanted wasn’t super tufted so she didn’t want it to have that wrinkly, pulled look at all. {We realized after we started that weren’t strong enough to pull the material tight enough so we ended up having to pull out some staples and re-do it with my dad’s help.}

 photo DIYHeadboard-0863_zps31fddcb8.jpg

 photo DIYHeadboard-0865_zpse493fdd3.jpg

 photo DIYHeadboard-0866_zpsd6a94226.jpg

 photo DIYHeadboard-0868_zpsfc079878.jpg

The back isn’t pretty… don’t worry no one sees it

 photo DIYHeadboard-0881_zps53411d2f.jpg

Once the fabric was stapled we made the buttons. Super easy to do just follow the instructions that come with the kit.

 photo DIYHeadboard-0884_zps0cfa7d9e.jpg

 photo DIYHeadboard-0886_zpsd77400b4.jpg

 photo DIYHeadboard-0889_zps5a3cec1a.jpg

 photo DIYHeadboard-0891_zpsfd303906.jpg

 photo DIYHeadboard-0896_zps9d19d0de.jpg

 photo DIYHeadboard-0901_zps2d1df272.jpg

Once it was covered we added the trim. We had a roll of the trim, but they also sell individual tacks. I think the roll makes it easy to keep your line straight, but we had issues. I’ve always heard the tacks {rolls and individual pieces both} bend really easily and they did. So much so that we ended up using tiny nails to actually place the trim. If you end up using a nail they can just be covered with a cap.

 photo DIYHeadboard-0880_zps0532744e.jpg

 photo DIYHeadboard-0878_zps521a4d33.jpg

Then came the actual tufting process. I attached a washer to the end of the thread and used that for leverage to pull the thread tight enough. I pushed the needle through from the back.

 photo DIYHeadboard-0903_zps08a55e1d.jpg

My mom looped it through the button and sent it back to me.

 photo DIYHeadboard-0905_zps3f718463.jpg

 photo DIYHeadboard-0902_zpsc4c106a0.jpg

I grabbed the needle with the pliers because it was almost too short and once my mom liked the look of the button from the front I tied it off.

 photo DIYHeadboard-0907_zps8c16c57f.jpg

 photo DIYHeadboard-0911_zpsfb71d873.jpg

 photo DIYHeadboard-0909_zpsdef3c4d1.jpg

 photo DIYHeadboard-3930_zps5c368f20.jpg

And that’s it! I think the whole thing took maybe 2 hours or so. I love it and I think the drop cloth was the perfect material for this!


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8 thoughts on “{DIY} Dropcloth headboard”

  1. I’ve had a similar idea that I’ve been meaning to do however I never know how to hang the dang thing. Interested to know what you used?

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