My Biggest Girl

*sorry the pictures are blurry… I let wordpress resize them to save time… bad idea.

Kennedy you’ll be 21 months in a few days and your last update was at 18 months so here’s what you’ve been up to lately.

You are the sweetest baby girl I know and your heart is just too big. Always giving out hugs and kisses {even people you just met}.

 photo Kennedyupdate-5362_zpsdc3d12bc.jpg

 photo Kennedyupdate-6432_zpsfa6da714.jpg

You LOVE your sister. I always knew I wanted my babies to have brothers or sisters and seeing you two together is THE BEST. You never run out of kisses and hugs for Reese and you are always concerned for her when she’s crying. The other day she was laying on my bed crying while I got dressed and you crawled up there, tried to put your pacifier in her mouth, and said “happy.” You also sing to her in the car if she’s crying. You do things like that all the time and it just melts my heart.

 photo Kennedyupdate-5699_zpsae6c3559.jpg

Your vocabulary is just going crazy and I love hearing you talk and sing… the singing is so sweet. My favorite phrase right now… “I sorry, be-be.” When you get hurt I always hug you and say “I’m sorry, baby” and now you say it all the time.

 photo Kennedyupdate-5980_zps406a9e30.jpg

 photo Kennedyupdate-5801_zps1571ef7b.jpg

You’ve had an obsession with YouTube and watching choo-choos. I bought you a Thomas the Train book that came with 12 of the characters and it is by far the best $10 dollars I’ve ever spent. These little trains are your absolute favorite thing in the world right now.

 photo Kennedyupdate-5818_zps022f12cc.jpg

The cutest part of the choo-choo obsession is that you play with them on the windowsills behind the blinds.

 photo Kennedyupdate-6355_zps171fd2b3.jpg

You’re still a little book worm and I love that about you. We read all the time. You’ve also started reading to yourself, and repeating the books from memory.

 photo Kennedyupdate-6010_zps5ef0ce4e.jpg

You can count to 10 and recognize the numbers 1-10.

 photo Kennedyupdate-6021_zps8b4b7e32.jpg

You also know all your letters and sing the ABCs up to about K before you start to forget what comes next and just babble.

 photo Kennedyupdate-5383_zpsa9582d38.jpg

You know all your colors, but you still think purple is blue sometimes.

 photo Kennedyupdate-5625_zps3f178edc.jpg

You are too fast. Too fast. You don’t act like you are less than 2 physically that’s for sure.

 photo Kennedyupdate-5823_zps70e23ab0.jpg

You had a REALLY ROUGH sleep regression right around 19 months and it seems like we’re finally at the other end of it.

 photo Kennedyupdate-5384_zpse290b27b.jpg

You’re pacifier is still your favorite comfort/security item. We’re back to just naps and bedtime for the most part and hopefully you’ll be done with it in a few months.

 photo Kennedyupdate-5355_zps3010d54e.jpg

You’re favorite days are Mondays and Thursday when the garbage and recycling trucks come. When we hear them coming we run outside and watch. I’m pretty sure you make all the garbage men’s day because they have nothing, but smiles, waves and a million beep-beeps from the truck for you.

 photo Kennedyupdate-6047_zps2162e8de.jpg

You LOVE water. Bath time and the “sink time” are some of the best times of day for you.

 photo Kennedyupdate-6311_zpsd4f0cfcc.jpg

I could write a book, but I’ll just leave some things to memory. I love you more so much more than you’ll ever know

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I’m a twenty-something wannabe city girl living in Tallahassee, FL with my husband and high school sweetheart, David, and our girls, Kennedy and Reese. I'm a financial analyst, much better with numbers than words, but this is my attempt at recording this wonderful, crazy life of ours.

2 thoughts on “My Biggest Girl”

  1. She is sooo adorable! Great photos! Very natural. Sometimes I use photoshop actions from some of the photography blogs I follow. I just download it and apply it on my photoshop. It really do wonder in no time! 🙂

  2. What a sweetie! She is SO smart! That’s awesome she knows #’s and alphabet some! Wow! I just love that pic you took of her on the driveway watching the garbage men with her blankey! How sweet!

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