Reese |4 Months|

 photo Reese4Months-7033_zpse2123218.jpg

Reese, this month you finally came out of the “4th trimester.” Your personality is coming out more and more and you are the happiest baby with smiles and laughs all day long.

 photo Reese4Months-7050_zpsd37c94d0.jpg

 photo Reese4Months-6654_zpsa4e5648a.jpg

 photo Reese4Months-6669_zpsf125a4e2.jpg

Your 2 bottom teeth are coming in, I can see them so hopefully sooner than later. I was hoping for a teething break between you and your sister, but no such luck. The drool is constant… soaking through bibs and several outfits a day.

 photo Reese4Months-7039_zps42406254.jpg

Your fingers rarely leave your mouth

 photo Reese4Months-6671_zps91dd64d5.jpg

 photo Reese4Months-6723_zpsf0b4cf70.jpg

 photo Reese4Months-6831_zps0f34be86.jpg

If your fingers aren’t in your mouth… then whatever you can get your hands on take their place.

 photo Reese4Months-6666_zps06825a86.jpg

 photo Reese4Months-6809_zps22234de9.jpg

You can grasp on to just about anything and you are a lot more interested in toys now.

 photo Reese4Months-6695_zps577064cc.jpg

I put you in the jumper for the first time and it kept your attention for a long time… well until Kennedy demanded we take you out so she could get in it. She’s having a hard time with sharing lately.

 photo Reese4Months-6828_zpse828baf8.jpg

 photo Reese4Months-6762_zps5cb6a774.jpg

You have zero desire to roll over, but you could definitely do it if you wanted to. You spend a lot of time on your side now and you rolled over swaddled during a nap so you sleep with 1 arm out during naps now.

 photo Reese4Months-6696_zps2196b19e.jpg

You still aren’t a fan of tummy time. You want to sit or stand and being on your belly doesn’t let you see enough.

 photo Reese4Months-6532_zps20cc9919.jpg

You’re taking 4 naps a day… yes, 4. If I want you to get all your naps in… we can’t leave the house.

 photo Reese4Months-6614_zpsa9ed99ce.jpg

You’re still sleeping in our room at night… swaddled… in the rock and play. I moved Kennedy at 3 months and it was a really easy transition, but I really don’t want to walk across the house to feed you at night. I’m lazy and tired, but I’ll probably do it in the next few weeks.

 photo Reese4Months-6767_zps07097ac3.jpg

It seems like every day you’ve grown out of another outfit and you’re mostly in 3-6 months now.

 photo Reese4Months-7049_zps2e2656d0.jpg

Happy 4 Months, Reese!

 photo Reese4Months-7064_zpsf680dd72.jpg

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I’m a twenty-something wannabe city girl living in Tallahassee, FL with my husband and high school sweetheart, David, and our girls, Kennedy and Reese. I'm a financial analyst, much better with numbers than words, but this is my attempt at recording this wonderful, crazy life of ours.

3 thoughts on “Reese |4 Months|”

  1. So crazy time is flying! Such a sweet girl! It’s fun reading her milestones b/c Ava isn’t that far behind her! That’s too funny (and cute) that she sleeps with one arm out! haha

    Ava likes to roll over a lot, so that’s been posing a problem when I try to do tummy time lately. She’ll just roll over like “nah don’t wanna be on my tummy mommy”. She seems more interested in toys now, too and is grabbing everything and trying to put our hands and her hands in her mouth constantly, too. No teeth yet but white’ish bottom gums so I think they’re coming in soon! I need to get her jumper put together this week!

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