I’m Too Tired For A Title

Just know that I’m comparing situations here and not my girls.


Kennedy was unswaddled by 10 or 11 weeks. She’s also a belly sleeper {still is} which is important to note because your arms have much less mobility on your stomach. And when I decided to move her to her crib… zero issues.

And then there’s Reese.

I’ve been dreading, dreading, moving Reese to her crib at night since she was about 3 weeks old. I had a feeling it wouldn’t be easy so I’ve been putting it off in favor of more sleep.

Right now she takes naps in her crib, swaddled with 1 arm out, and at night she sleeps in the Rock n’ Play totally swaddled… until last night.

 photo F1485668-0688-4B42-9099-FC34FEE43637_zpser6ayuhu.jpg

I finally tried the crib. And it was awesome. I’d see her wake up on the monitor and she’d put herself back to sleep and I was so proud of her. And then the girls decided to time warp back 3 months and torture me with the tag-team game they made up when Reese was a newborn.

I was in bed by 10:45 and Kennedy randomly woke up around 11. Awesome. Get her back down and she’s up again about 15 minutes later screaming for water. Kennedy is finally back to sleep by about 11:30 and Reese starts screaming at 11:39. Not. Kidding. {Kennedy woke her up and she has this weird thing where she cries if she hears Kennedy cry}

I put Reese back down, get back in bed, and she’s back up. I played the up, down game a few times, but I gave up around 1:30 and put her in the Rock n’ Play except now she was so overtired she just wasn’t going to sleep at all. So I stuck her in my bed and she kicked me the rest of the night.

Here’s the thing with Reese… She’s fighting the swaddle, but if she’s not swaddled she can’t sleep. If she has access to her hands then they’re in her mouth, rubbing her face, and waking. her. up. She’s also a back sleeper so her arms can be all over the place if she wants them to be. It’s just a perfect storm of sleep issues.

Maybe it was just an early April Fool’s joke, but I’m a zombie and I think trying to move her was officially the worst idea ever. I’m still debating trying it again tonight or just trying again in a week or so. Or maybe I’ll just keep her in the Rock n’ Play until she’s 10 and she can ask to sleep somewhere else.


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I’m a twenty-something wannabe city girl living in Tallahassee, FL with my husband and high school sweetheart, David, and our girls, Kennedy and Reese. I'm a financial analyst, much better with numbers than words, but this is my attempt at recording this wonderful, crazy life of ours.

7 thoughts on “I’m Too Tired For A Title”

  1. I have no personal experience with this problem since our first is still baking away, but I’ve heard of other mamas use the Zipadee Zip (https://zipadeezip.com/) swaddle when their baby is in a transitional phase. Might be worth a try?

    I hope that things settle down soon so you can get some sleep!

  2. Oh no sorry to hear that! What about the Merlins Magic Sleep Suit. I’ve heard of other moms using that when their kids were transitioning from the swaddle! I hate the feeling of being scared to try something again for fear of having another sleepless night, but yet not wanting to prolong it either! Hopefully it was an April fools joke 🙂

    1. My friend has one that she’s going to let me borrow so we’ll see if that helps. She already woke up 3 times between 7-8 so I give up and put her in the RnP :/

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  3. I have no advice, but you are not alone. My kids have been tag teaming at night too…both had ear infections a few weeks ago and sleep has not been the same since! I just keep telling myself it will pass..eventually! Until then well, thank goodness for caffeine 🙂

  4. Oh no! I feel your pain and I just have one child! Have you tried Reese in a sleep sack? Ava loves her sleep sack, she is a back sleeper, too but she LOVES her hands in her face /mobile. She hasn’t been sleeping well this month yet (I think it’s the 4m sleep regression) but before that she has slept great with the sleep sack and sleeps great for naps in it, too!

    1. I usually have her swaddled in the halo or the swaddleme and I love them both, but she’s rolled over a few times in her crib so I’m afraid to swaddle her in there anymore.

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