Reese |5 Months|

This month…

 photo Reese5Months-7888_zpsea3d557f.jpg

 photo Reese5Months-7871_zps68d5fd10.jpg

You talk and talk and talk. Screeching and squealing included.

 photo Reese5Months-7498_zps0b4f4a3d.jpg

You still aren’t rolling, but you’re sitting by yourself for maybe 10 seconds or so before you tip over or start to lean really far forward. I called it when I said you’d sit before you rolled over.

 photo Reese5Months-7579_zps25c95a99.jpg

You are actually scooting a bit on the play mat. You don’t realize what you’re doing yet I don’t think, but you’ve got the frog legs down.

 photo Reese5Months-6989_zpsbc2fc676.jpg

 photo Reese5Months-6992_zpsa87f972c.jpg

You had a weight check and you weighed 13.5 pounds putting you in the 15% percentile.

 photo Reese5Months-7302_zps4da5860b.jpg

Kennedy makes you laugh and laugh. Everything is more fun for you when she’s around and it makes me so excited to see you grow up together.

 photo Reese5Months-7912_zps1e72b41a.jpg

We moved you to the crib. Kind of. Sort of. More on that later.

 photo Reese5Months-7783_zps2fd50993.jpg

You still won’t take a bottle. You’re also at the age where you get very distracted while you eat. You just drop you head and look all around upside down.

 photo Reese5Months-7550_zps3aba1955.jpg

You grab at EVERYTHING and you are a major pincher and hair puller.

 photo Reese5Months-7875_zpsf14bef64.jpg

Your tooth still hasn’t cut through yet, but I’m ok with you being teeth free for a while. You’re drooling is actually getting better though.

 photo Reese5Months-7022_zps61e423d6.jpg

You love to stand and you’re getting pretty good at standing while holding onto the coffee table or holding someone’s fingers.

 photo Reese5Months-7502_zps5c094287.jpg

You’re so good in the car seat now. This makes going anywhere so much easier.

 photo Reese5Months-7812_zps23f9b9b6.jpg

You love your feet and toes and you can almost get your toes in your mouth.

 photo Reese5Months-7850_zps91bb3203.jpg

You take your paci out and try to put it back in all the time.

 photo Reese5Months-7493_zpsb34db665.jpg

You get bored really easily and love having toys in your hands to play with.

 photo Reese5Months-7355_zpsaea2e6ae.jpg

You finally stopped spitting up so much… except when Auntie Lo is holding you.

 photo Reese5Months-7904_zps401d7289.jpg

 photo Reese5Months-7908_zps298f728d.jpg

You’re still the sweetest, happiest little baby and I love you so, so much!

Happy 5 Months, Reese Olivia!


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I’m a twenty-something wannabe city girl living in Tallahassee, FL with my husband and high school sweetheart, David, and our girls, Kennedy and Reese. I'm a financial analyst, much better with numbers than words, but this is my attempt at recording this wonderful, crazy life of ours.

2 thoughts on “Reese |5 Months|”

  1. She is so precious! That’s great she’s starting to sit up! Ahh! Ava is trying to SO hard! Ava is starting to drool AFTER she cut 2 teeth– a little backwards. I’m expecting more to pop up soon. These pictures are too cute– I just love the ones of her with those big eyes! haha

  2. Oh and Ava is screaching and squealing, too! Everytime she’s awake she’ll screach and squeal for us. When we come in her room, she sees us, she gets SO excited. LOL

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