Reese |7 Months|

I know… she almost 8 months. So this is as of 6.10.14

This month…

 photo Reese7Months-1-3_zps6d2af620.jpg

 photo Reese7Months-2-3_zpsb040ed36.jpg

We had our first Mother’s Day together

 photo Reese7Months-1_zpsbfa0baac.jpg

 photo Reese7Months-3_zps52f1aba9.jpg

She’s pulling up to stand. She’ll stand all day if you let her… she loves it.

 photo Reese7Months-7-2_zps2a7a1ad1.jpg

 photo Reese7Months-6-2_zps9490f2c2.jpg

 photo Reese7Months-8-2_zpsb0e61876.jpg

She likes to practice walking

 photo Reese7Months-2-2_zps0bae1807.jpg

 photo Reese7Months-3-2_zpsf319a986.jpg

I’ve been really slow with food this time around though because I know the diapers get so gross and she gets so dirty. We’re doing Baby led weaning with her just like Kennedy and so far all she’s had was sweet potato, zucchini, avocado, and banana.

 photo Reese7Months-15_zps58d97a5f.jpg

 photo Reese7Months-5_zpsded105b6.jpg

 photo Reese7Months-5-2_zps467ec1f2.jpg

She isn’t crawling yet, but she’s what David and I like to call “annoyingly mobile but immobile.” She throws herself all over the place and can basically get wherever she wants without actually crawling or walking. She can take all the time she wants though because I had an early walker with Kennedy and I’m in no rush to have another one.

 photo Reese7Months-22_zps68e65bea.jpg

 photo Reese7Months-20_zps881422c8.jpg

Sleep is still getting better, but I wouldn’t call it good. Putting you to sleep has gotten so much easier, but you still fight to the death some nights for no reason at all. You’ve also done a few 1 wake up nights and it was kind of amazing. You normally take two naps that are just shy of 1.5 hours.

 photo Reese7Months-7_zps919b2dea.jpg

You laugh and laugh and laugh. At us, at Kennedy {especially Kennedy}, at yourself. You think you’re hilarious when you sneeze and you laugh in the car seat all the time at who knows what.

 photo Reese7Months-11_zps95ef8e2f.jpg

 photo Reese7Months-8_zps97801ec5.jpg

 photo Reese7Months-10_zpsae0dec8f.jpg

She is super loud and yells ALL. THE. TIME. just because.

 photo Reese7Months-17_zpse724cd08.jpg

She pinches all day long and can get the tiniest piece of skin. It hurts and David can’t stand it.

 photo Reese7Months-19_zps97e4785a.jpg

She’s quick. Grabbing stuff before you even realize she’s locked eyes on it.

 photo Reese7Months-18_zpscf419ea6.jpg

 photo Reese7Months-13_zps87807dfb.jpg

She loves playing with Kennedy.

 photo Reese7Months-12_zps4ab814a5.jpg

She is such a diva and she hates when she doesn’t get her way. The world is ending if you take her toy away or she feels offended in some way.

 photo Reese7Months-4_zpse1712835.jpg

 photo Reese7Months-9_zpsce9140ff.jpg

She loves making noise. Her spoon on the high chair, banging 2 toys together… You name it, if it makes noise she’s doing it.

 photo Reese7Months-16_zpsa8d00452.jpg

That’s about it. Happy 7 months, Reese!!! I love you so much!

 photo Reese7Months-3-3_zps5929e98e.jpg


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I’m a twenty-something wannabe city girl living in Tallahassee, FL with my husband and high school sweetheart, David, and our girls, Kennedy and Reese. I'm a financial analyst, much better with numbers than words, but this is my attempt at recording this wonderful, crazy life of ours.

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