Reese |8 Months|

Ok the 9 month update will be on time I promise, but here’s what you were doing at 8 months up through {7.10.14}

 photo Reese8Months-15_zpsfb8e84cb.jpg

You finally got a tooth. You were actually teething just about the whole month because the second one started coming in so you were not the smiley Reese I know and love this month.

 photo Reese8Months-16_zpse99d528c.jpg

{no this was not some weird attempt at a baby in a basket photo shoot… we were just playing in a basket.}

You’re crawling, but only when absolutely necessary and just 2-3 scoots. You really just want to stand and walk and crawling isn’t as cool.

 photo Reese8Months-4_zps42a23a85.jpg

You also started cruising the furniture.

 photo Reese8Months-2-2_zps4c4c9d54.jpg

I forgot to mention it last month, but you’re out of the marshmallow suit and into a sleep sack!

 photo Reese8Months-3_zps929777a0.jpg

You’ve been really clingy and I can rarely walk out of the room without you crying.

 photo Reese8Months-9_zps6102c8a3.jpg

You’re also super sweet with your sloppy kisses and you give real hugs where you wrap your arms around me and I love it.

 photo Reese8Months-5_zps2fe99409.jpg

You love food and you pretty much each 3 times a day. You’ve tried a lot of our food this month, but your basics are boiled/roasted sweet potato, avocado, carrots, apples, watermelon, and bananas.

 photo Reese8Months_zps82799301.jpg

Sleeping. Still about the same. Usually up 2 times to eat and go right back to sleep. Sometimes you really love me and only wake up once. Sometimes you still fight like crazy.

 photo Reese8Months-7_zps50f752c9.jpg

You are wild and crazy on the changing table and you don’t like getting dressed. We are in diapers most of the day when we’re at home so it’s okay.

 photo Reese8Months-8_zps5cdb1769.jpg

You love to flap your hand over your mouth and make that noise… Especially in the car.

 photo Reese8Months-10_zps61dfbc15.jpg
Your favorite toy is definitely the activity table because you can stand there a/nd play. Unless Kennedy is playing on the floor you don’t really want to be down there. The other favorite toys are my car keys and pulling the straw on my mason jar cup up and down.

 photo Reese8Months-3-2_zps5fd94c5d.jpg

You and Kennedy love, love jumping in the crib and you both laugh so hard. It’s awesome to watch you two together.

 photo Reese8Months-6_zpsce516dcc.jpg

You like to get tossed in the air, bounce in my lap, and swing on the swings.

 photo Reese8Months-12_zps8131fb35.jpg

You love looking in the mirror.

 photo Reese8Months-13_zpsde93fc8f.jpg

You babble a ton. Always telling stories, screaming, and laughing.

 photo Reese8Months-11_zps193e3796.jpg

 photo Reese8Months-14_zpse0868cd6.jpg

Happy 8 Months, Reese! I love you so much my sweet girl!


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I’m a twenty-something wannabe city girl living in Tallahassee, FL with my husband and high school sweetheart, David, and our girls, Kennedy and Reese. I'm a financial analyst, much better with numbers than words, but this is my attempt at recording this wonderful, crazy life of ours.

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