Reese |9 Months|

9 Months… here we go!

 photo Reese9Months-19_zps7d017f11.jpg

I definitely have second baby syndrome with you. I feel like you’re a still such a baby, but your’re not! You’re very quickly becoming a little person, a toddler, and it just makes me a giant ball of emotions.

 photo Reese9Months-8_zps4c3b90bf.jpg

You started crawling last month, but this month you really decided that if you can’t walk yet you’re going to make the most of this crawling deal. You’re everywhere and of course you and Kennedy are always going in different directions which makes things so easy for me.

 photo Reese9Months-20_zps60f47929.jpg

You’re a climber. I was really hoping I’d have a break from that after Kennedy, but no dice.

 photo Reese9Months-10_zps2c6cc084.jpg
 photo Reese9Months-14_zps913e6958.jpg
 photo Reese9Months-16_zps9d6a0bb4.jpg
 photo Reese9Months-17_zps9c5b7e0f.jpg

You’re a rock star in the food department. You will eat anything I put in front of you. You new favorite loves are blueberries and grapes. I will also forever love the memory of you double fisting a sweet potato in one hand and a pizza crust in the other and taking bites of one then the other until they were gone.

 photo Reese9Months-2_zps1867d859.jpg

I gave you a sippy cup this month, but much like the bottle you just chew on it.

 photo Reese9Months-9_zps07f5313a.jpg

You can stand by yourself for a decent stretch and you’re starting to test yourself with the look-mom-no-hands trick.

 photo Reese9Months-5_zpse1dadac3.jpg

You’re walking really well. Along the furniture, with the walker, and holding our hands. I don’t think it will be long.

 photo Reese9Months-12_zps8f7bd8e2.jpg

Sleep. I still have a love hate relationship with this. Napping is still pretty great with off days here and there. You still wake up twice a night most nights… 11 and 3-4. I really want my sleep back, but I know as soon as you stop I’ll miss the cuddles.

 photo Reese9Months-18_zpsec93964a.jpg

You started doing high-5s.

 photo Reese9Months-4_zps9a1450be.jpg

You love humpty dumpty, this little piggy, peek a boo, singing songs, and being upside down.

 photo Reese9Months-15_zps48adec98.jpg

You have 2 teeth.

 photo Reese9Months_zps832021ed.jpg

You get really upset if anyone takes something from you.

 photo Reese9Months-7_zps66658091.jpg

Your separation anxiety is really bad and you cry if I set you down or walk out of sight. You have also been kicked out of the nursery a few times at church because you’re so upset. {the reason for your lack of smile in most of the pictures… I set you down}

 photo Reese9Months-13_zpsc821d1b6.jpg

You got sick this month and I had my first taste of the whole pass the sickness around the family deal.

 photo Reese9Months-6_zpse8c536bf.jpg

You love water. Splashing at the water table, sitting by the splash pad or the sprinkler, playing in the bath.

 photo Reese9Months-11_zpsd48f7e07.jpg

You’re awesome, Reese. Full of personality and laughter. I love you so, so much sweet girl!

 photo Reese9Months-22_zpsfeb760cd.jpg
 photo Reese9Months-23_zpscb4b1c03.jpg
 photo Reese9Months-21_zps0fc30e9a.jpg

Happy 9 Months, Reese!

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I’m a twenty-something wannabe city girl living in Tallahassee, FL with my husband and high school sweetheart, David, and our girls, Kennedy and Reese. I'm a financial analyst, much better with numbers than words, but this is my attempt at recording this wonderful, crazy life of ours.

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