Reese |10 Months|

Reesey, Reesey, Reesey… 10 months with you have flown by. I can’t even think about a halloween costume for you, let alone your first birthday party. Anyways, this update is late which is normal now days so this is all as of 9.10.14

 photo Reese10Months-30_zpscc49134f.jpg

these rug pictures are just about impossible now… here’s what I’ve got

 photo Reese10Months-26_zps4880cf6f.jpg

 photo Reese10Months-27_zps5b8bc569.jpg

 photo Reese10Months-29_zps16971c04.jpg

it’s a family affair obviously…

 photo Reese10Months-31_zpsf91f6c1c.jpg

You still climb like it’s your job. Nothing scares you or is too high. You even started pushing boxes and stools over to be able to climb up on things. It’s great. Great.

 photo Reese10Months_zps16ad2467.jpg

You love playing outside in the water. The water table, the sprinkler, the splash pad. You also love bubbles.

 photo Reese10Months-6_zpsb74bcf0e.jpg

 photo Reese10Months-25_zpsf01c8035.jpg

 photo Reese10Months-19_zps230144c7.jpg

 photo Reese10Months-3_zps911d7748.jpg

You love Kennedy so much and you hate not doing what she’s doing.

 photo Reese10Months-11_zpsdb4401fb.jpg

You clap, wave hi/bye, and point.

 photo Reese10Months-9_zpscf4baf39.jpg

I’m 99% sure you say mama and you still don’t like to let me out of your sight. I love how much you love me, but I hate how upset you get when I leave.

 photo Reese10Months-16_zps7c5dd715.jpg

You still love food, but you’re starting to drop/throw more of it.

 photo Reese10Months-17_zps3ca86061.jpg

 photo Reese10Months-18_zps447fd3f9.jpg

Sleeping is the same. Usually up once, sometimes twice and a million times when you’re teething. I’m happy with where we are now and my sleep deprivation feels “normal” to me now so it isn’t really an issue anymore.

 photo Reese10Months-22_zps84a46809.jpg

You can stand forever and do whatever you want while you’re standing, but you aren’t confident enough to start walking so you always drop and crawl.

 photo Reese10Months-21_zps5ecb2512.jpg

 photo Reese10Months-2_zps958da17f.jpg

You’re into everything and you don’t sit still. I thought Kennedy was bad, but you’ve got her beat for sure.

 photo Reese10Months-10_zpsc7f2e922.jpg

 photo Reese10Months-13_zpsc1b9612a.jpg

 photo Reese10Months-14_zps93294492.jpg

You love your sippy cup – you just don’t really drink anything.

 photo Reese10Months-15_zpsaeaa2c0a.jpg

You love the dogs.

 photo Reese10Months-5_zps0691eb08.jpg

You laugh and laugh all day long. At everything and nothing at all. You find yourself pretty funny, too.

 photo Reese10Months-8_zpsa3dbe354.jpg

You’re the sweetest baby and I love you more every day.

 photo Reese10Months-7_zps753f1922.jpg

Happy 10 Months, Reese-y!

 photo Reese10Months-32_zps256941a5.jpg

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I’m a twenty-something wannabe city girl living in Tallahassee, FL with my husband and high school sweetheart, David, and our girls, Kennedy and Reese. I'm a financial analyst, much better with numbers than words, but this is my attempt at recording this wonderful, crazy life of ours.

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