Reese |11 Months|

11 Months… one month to go until she’s 1 and I really can’t believe it. This is as of 10/10/14.

 photo Reese11Months-0693_zps6d755979.jpg

 photo Reese11Months-0696_zps6265814f.jpg

This month…

You started walking. Only 3 or 4 steps at a time and then you start crawling again.

 photo Reese11Months-0509_zpsf4cda4bf.jpg

You climb EVERYTHING. It drives me crazy. I blame being the second baby and seeing Kennedy do everything. (yes, there is someone standing right there in all these pictures.}

 photo Reese11Months-0124_zps59bff926.jpg
 photo Reese11Months-0099_zps23e38ee7.jpg
 photo Reese11Months-0076_zpsf26ac5d7.jpg
 photo Reese11Months-0428_zpsda591146.jpg

You HATE the changing table.

 photo Reese11Months-0365_zps791e4bce.jpg

Mama is still your only real word, but Da seems to mean dog and dada, too. You understand a lot, take directions really well, and you communicate very clearly with your mad pointing skills.

 photo Reese11Months-0510_zps45ac072d.jpg

You’re still nursing 4 or 5 times a day and 1 or 2 times at night. I don’t see you weaning yourself anytime soon.

 photo Reese11Months-0077_zpsf883a4f6.jpg

I couldn’t get socks to stay on your feet as a newborn and I can’t get shoes to stay on them now. You seem to be just barely too big for a 2 but a size 3 is still huge. Whatever, baby feet are cute.

 photo Reese11Months-0711_zpscbf0267f.jpg

You love food. Love it. You also think you’re hilarious when you put food on your head.

 photo Reese11Months-0070_zpse79616c0.jpg
 photo Reese11Months-0071_zps94c5f7d8.jpg
 photo Reese11Months-0059_zps59819d35.jpg
 photo Reese11Months-0066_zpsbbadeee5.jpg

You will not sit still long enough to read more than 1 book at a time and even that is a fight sometimes.

 photo Reese11Months-0085_zps2dae9f5b.jpg
 photo Reese11Months-0498_zps26b34cc5.jpg

Sleep hasn’t changed. But when you do sleep its the sweetest thing in the world.

 photo Reese11Months-0133_zps54ff9eb8.jpg

If Kennedy is playing at the kitchen table… you must be at the kitchen table. So I put you in your highchair and you try to put the tops on the playdoh containers.

 photo Reese11Months-0412_zps04c80bb7.jpg
 photo Reese11Months-0403_zps9f700b71.jpg

I love how you tip your head all the way back to take a drink and that pink chair is your favorite thing ever.

 photo Reese11Months-0123_zpsa068c9d4.jpg
 photo Reese11Months-0096_zpsa46c3625.jpg

Kennedy likes to play with you now and always asks if “Reesey can come play with me” and I love watching you two together. The fights are already here and I’m sure they won’t be gone for like, ever.

 photo Reese11Months-0090_zpsef79616b.jpg
 photo Reese11Months-0091_zps4ab4d0ec.jpg
 photo Reese11Months-0428_zps982de9fb.jpg
 photo Reese11Months-0421_zpsa2a1ca4f.jpg

You know what you want and the screams that come when you don’t get your way are loud. LOUD. My stubborn girl, you are too much like your mommy sometimes. Or maybe your Auntie Lo 🙂 You two will be the best of friends I’m sure of it.

 photo Reese11Months-0153_zpscd9e874d.jpg

You love the dogs and you love throwing the frisbee to Lexi.

 photo Reese11Months-0455_zpsb8a96668.jpg

I think you might be the daddy’s girl between the two of you.

 photo Reese11Months-0441_zpsac535589.jpg
 photo Reese11Months-0438_zps9755ef6f.jpg

Happy 11 Months, Reese! I love you and your silly personality more than you’ll ever know.

 photo Reese11Months-0701_zps8fbf4def.jpg


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I’m a twenty-something wannabe city girl living in Tallahassee, FL with my husband and high school sweetheart, David, and our girls, Kennedy and Reese. I'm a financial analyst, much better with numbers than words, but this is my attempt at recording this wonderful, crazy life of ours.

One thought on “Reese |11 Months|”

  1. Aw so sweet! I’m finally getting caught up on your blog. I got months without being able to relax and check blogs, so playing catch up is FUN! I can’t believe how big Reese is getting– and Ava, they are growing too fast! The pointing she does is SO cute! haha And she’s a great nurser, that’s awesome! Too funny she likes to climb– Ava does, too! It is frightening sometimes, but they are just so curious and have no fear! What are your plans for Reese’s birthday?

    Also, random, but did you make the shelves in your kitchen? I need some like those in our kitchen.

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