Reese |12 Months|

12 months, Reesey! Here’s what you did the month leading up to your first birthday!

 photo Reese12months1of3_zps3d9e564c.jpg

You started walking. You were taking about 10 steps or so and then right after you turned 11 months you took off.

 photo Reese12months2of5_zps5fe85fff.jpg

You love to push buttons so you always help me start the dishwasher. Now my dishwasher is running all the time and I’m not the one who started it.

 photo Reese12months15of17_zpsd376e131.jpg

You love to bite on pacifiers, and you also love the play house.

 photo Reese12months12of17_zps3ceb9f43.jpg

Kennedy’s potty chair has become your stool of choice and you use it to get up on everything. Yeah, this has cause some unpleasant spills.

 photo Reese12months6of17_zpse02f2f86.jpg

Speaking of the Princess Potty… girl do you get so proud when you sit on there.

 photo Reese12months2of2_zps98df987c.jpg

 photo Reese12months1of2_zpsead07f3c.jpg

You’re still a great eater and you had your first popsicle and your first smoothie.
 photo Reese12months1of17_zps050a8959.jpg

 photo Reese12months8of17_zps0fad52dc.jpg

You love climbing up to the windows and looking out, but you also play with Kennedy’s train now. I think it’s adorable and Kennedy could do without you stealing her trains.

 photo Reese12months1of5_zps9c86c182.jpg

 photo Reese12months4of17_zps8f844560.jpg

You love to play outside and get dirty. Your hands are constantly in the dirt.

 photo Reese12months7of17_zps904865a5.jpg

 photo Reese12months3of5_zpsa425ee83.jpg

 photo Reese12months4of5_zps168ca11f.jpg

You’re always on the go. You very rarely sit still.

 photo Reese12months2of17_zpsb136b507.jpg

 photo Reese12months3of17_zpsaf355349.jpg

You’re still nursing the same as before, though knock on wood your sleeping has improved a lot so you’re not nursing much at night. You either wake up 1 time around 4:30 or sleep through the night for the most part.

 photo Reese12months13of17_zpsc454233d.jpg

Still lots of babbling, but not many words. You really do communicate so well though with your hand gestures. I understand them at least.

 photo Reese12months5of17_zps3763532d.jpg

You love bathtime. There are many nights where Kennedy gets out and you hang out to play until all the water has drained out.

 photo Reese12months9of17_zps6b5275a9.jpg

 photo Reese12months10of17_zps0ee001b5.jpg

 photo Reese12months11of17_zpsceef0995.jpg

We had your baby dedication this month, too! No pictures of that though.

 photo Reese12months14of17_zps2c549a6d.jpg

I can’t fail to mention the little fits you throw because you’re really good at them

 photo Reese12months2of3_zps2d67c9ea.jpg

Lucky you’re cute. Happy 12 Month, Reesey! I love you forever!

 photo Reese12months3of3_zpsed37add3.jpg


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I’m a twenty-something wannabe city girl living in Tallahassee, FL with my husband and high school sweetheart, David, and our girls, Kennedy and Reese. I'm a financial analyst, much better with numbers than words, but this is my attempt at recording this wonderful, crazy life of ours.

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