Reese |15 and 16 Months|

I still have to do your 1 year picture slide show… hopefully soon.  At least before you turn 2. Here’s 15 and 16 months up to March 10, 2015.

Climbing.  Just nonstop climbing.  You hurt yourself all the time, but that doesn’t deter you at all.  Our kitchen chairs are always laying down in an effort to get you to stop climbing on the kitchen table and dancing.

 photo Reese 15 and 16 months-2688_zps50xi65ae.jpg
 photo Reese 15 and 16 months-2557_zpsaprcmqyh.jpg

Teething.  OMGoodness the teeth you have gotten.  You went from having 6 teeth to having 11 and you’re still going.  You are a really good baby as far as teething pain, but you always, ALWAYS get a runny nose and terrible congestion which ends up turning into a cough.  This is my tell for a new tooth for you.

 photo Reese 15 and 16 months-2091_zpscjx7d0lv.jpg

I didn’t mention this in your 13/14 month update, but you’re still nursing pretty regularly.  My goal with Kennedy was 12 months and we were about a week shy of that, but I was pregnant and sore and she was pretty ready to wean I think.  I think.  You are a whole different story.  You still nurse anywhere from 4-8 times a day.  I’m currently not offering to nurse, but not refusing and you DEMAND that I nurse you.  You pound on my chest like a gorilla and try to take my clothes off.  When you are nursing and I tell you it’s time to stop you look at me, shake your head, and say “uh uh.”

 photo Reese 15 and 16 months-2047_zps1ht1dwga.jpg

You try to repeat most of what I ask you, but right now you say mama, dada, more {mo!}, tree {tee}, turtle, woof, tweet, choo-choo, juice {ju}, up, please {peas}, and thank you {tan-to}.

 photo Reese 15 and 16 months-2142_zpsdltx4wf5.jpg

Speaking of juice… Kennedy gets water with a splash of apple juice in it sometimes and we call it juice.  You stole her sippy cup and realized hers tasted different from yours that just had water in it and now you will steal Kennedy’s sippy if you have water which of course causes major issues.  So, juice all around.

 photo Reese 15 and 16 months-2055_zps43hxctrs.jpg

You can point to your hair, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, teeth, tongue, cheeks, fingers, and toes.

 photo Reese 15 and 16 months-2665_zpscegvzuqz.jpg

You still take a morning nap, but can go without it if you need to.  Your afternoon nap is getting longer and is usually 2-2.5 hours.

 photo Reese 15 and 16 months-2155_zpsnvtsfrto.jpg

You’re sleeping great at night still and generally from about 7-7. {This will be revised in your 17 month update so don’t you worry}

 photo Reese 15 and 16 months-2034_zpsl9zvirqk.jpg

You got an ear infection and your first round of antibiotics.  I wouldn’t have even known you had one if we didn’t have to go for your 15 month well check.  Aside from the fact that neither you or Kennedy has ever had one before, you didn’t have a fever, weren’t pulling on your ear… nothing.

 photo Reese 15 and 16 months-2659_zpsi0o6a4wy.jpg

The love for your stroller continues.  You push everything around in that thing all day long.  Best Christmas present ever.

 photo Reese 15 and 16 months-2652_zpsavziuf9s.jpg

You have become such a lover.  You give hugs, kisses and snuggles to just about anyone and I think you just about melted your pregnant Auntie Lo last time she was here.

 photo Reese 15 and 16 months-2166_zpsqkybv6m0.jpg

You love coffee. When I have a cup I let you taste it. You used to just put a finger in there, but now you stick your whole hand in. If it tell you it’s hot and make you wait to try it you blow on the cup for me.

 photo Reese 15 and 16 months-2162_zps0pvtdptc.jpg

You are in that really messy stage when it comes to crafts, but you love them.

 photo Reese 15 and 16 months-2108_zpsujxfojmv.jpg
 photo Reese 15 and 16 months-2149_zpsc3anul4w.jpg
 photo Reese 15 and 16 months-2675_zpsj8mgmh55.jpg

There was also a period of time where the tutu was on constantly, but you’ve let up on that now.

 photo Reese 15 and 16 months-2063_zpshxxxd6h0.jpg

You just want to do everything your sister does and you don’t want anyone to get in your way. I love you my sweet baby girl! Happy 15 and 16 months, Reesey!

 photo Reese 15 and 16 months-2147_zpsiiwzlram.jpg

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I’m a twenty-something wannabe city girl living in Tallahassee, FL with my husband and high school sweetheart, David, and our girls, Kennedy and Reese. I'm a financial analyst, much better with numbers than words, but this is my attempt at recording this wonderful, crazy life of ours.

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