We went to Disney for a few days in the beginning of May with our friends Beth and Paul and their 2 girls. Their oldest, Madeline, is 2 weeks younger than Kennedy and they’re BFF. She’s been on the blog more than a few times I’m sure.

As far as timing goes, it was perfect. The park wasn’t too crowded and the weather was great. We stayed at the Animal Kingdom resort, which was really nice, and the girls loved seeing all the animals wandering around the hotel. I think we’ve decided that next time we’ll stay at one of the resorts that directly connects to Magic Kingdom just to make life easier though. Everything with a stroller is more complicated so being able to hop on the monorail without folding it up or taking the girls out would be awesome. We took the ferry in which was fine, just a little slower. Anyways…

 photo Disney 1 of 15_zpsdq82s5gb.jpg

Our first day was at Animal Kingdom and aside from some issues with our Magic Bands trying to enter the park everything was great.

 photo Disney 2 of 15_zpsgrtjx4lo.jpg

 photo Disney 3 of 15_zpsmllsrdbm.jpg

 photo Disney 4 of 15_zpsno6cz5mf.jpg

We only rode one real ride aside from the Safari. It was basically a dinosaur version of Dumbo, and Kennedy screamed the entire time. Screamed. So, we were a little worried about the next few days.

That day, Reese fell asleep in the Ergo for a while, but Kennedy didn’t fall asleep until the drive over to the hotel after we left the park. She was out cold, so David took her out of the car seat and put her in the stroller without her waking up. Can I get a successful transfer AMEN? She stayed asleep until we woke her up to go to Chef Mickey’s for dinner. I just have iphone videos of Chef Mickey’s, but Kennedy thought it was awesome and Reese was terrified if the characters came too close, but the girl loves, LOVES, Minnie now.

 photo Disney 5 of 15_zpssw0x7mde.jpg

We let Kennedy sleep in the big bed and surrounded her with pillows so she wouldn’t roll off and she thought it was awesome. They slept pretty well. Kennedy stayed up late, until almost 10 both nights, just talking and talking, but once she finally fell asleep she was out.

 photo Disney 1 of 5_zpsriympui4.jpg

 photo Disney 6 of 15_zpsvhunwxll.jpg

Reese was in the pack and play in this little nook in the bathroom and she slept like Reese 🙂

We spent the next 2 days at Magic Kingdom and we all loved it, but the first morning was not off to a great start. We tried to drive over to one of the hotels and take the monorail, but the monorail was closed and the security guards were intense. So that idea got killed and on our way to the Magic Kingdom parking lot we passed the 1 turn for it. So we pulled a u-turn in the median and of course, OF COURSE, there was an unmarked cop car that saw us. Woop, woop! It was awesome. David couldn’t find an unexpired insurance card and the cop was really lame at first. Then I said, “can I just say that we’re not from here (yes we are), and we’re totally lost (no we weren’t) and we’re just trying to go to Magic Kingdom”. So he leaves and comes back a new man and says some nonsense about how he doesn’t like our license plate because he went to UCF and he doesn’t want to get David in trouble and lets us leave. So we got to the park WAY later than anticipated. Beth and I weren’t in the best moods that morning we’ll just say that.

 photo Disney 1 of 1_zpsavfslgwi.jpg

 photo Disney 10 of 15_zps5deiqp21.jpg

We took the girls on the Ariel ride and Kennedy, again, screamed the whole time. This time she kept saying, “I want to go back to my hotel”. So we figured out Kennedy wouldn’t like any rides in the dark or anything Dumbo-ish.

Her favorite was the carousel, hands down. It worked because Reese loved it, too. She kept saying “neigh, neigh”

 photo Disney 7 of 15_zps5ncnq3a0.jpg

 photo Disney 8 of 15_zpssgtmabsi.jpg

 photo Disney 3 of 5_zpsguyikzxl.jpg

 photo Disney 2 of 5_zpsiwkbkzux.jpg

 photo Disney 9 of 15_zpswhmfiyrl.jpg

Her next favorite might have been the Barnstormer and that’s a little roller coaster that is near and dear to my heart so that was awesome. She also liked the “boat ride” (It’s a Small World) and the tea cups.

They met all the princesses. And here you get to see the many faces of Kennedy.

 photo Disney 11 of 15_zpsdolipaew.jpg

 photo Disney 12 of 15_zpse93koq4t.jpg
 photo Disney 13 of 15_zps7iwryueh.jpg

And Reese just watched from the sidelines most of the time. She loved all the princesses though and she would get so excited, but didn’t want to get too close. And then, finally, we met Aurora. (Who I just figured out is sleeping beauty! I always just called her sleeping beauty.)

First she was all, let me show you my shirt…

 photo Disney 4 of 5_zpsxfdujpwl.jpg

And then she ran in for the real thing and gave her a hug and I about died because it was so cute.

 photo Disney 5 of 5_zpssn44ueje.jpg

We rode everything else that they could ride and saw all the sights. When we got tired, toward the end of the 2nd day, we took them on the train ride. We thought Kennedy would love it, but she didn’t seem to think much of it. We also rode the People Mover and got stuck in the dark part through Space Mountain. I had to light up the flashlight on my phone to keep Kennedy from losing it (“I can’t see anyfing!”) while the intercom was begging people to stay in the cars.

 photo Disney 14 of 15_zpsiun4rpcl.jpg

We ended our trip with some Mickey ice cream cones and a couple more rides. We tried to get them to nap so we could stay for the parade, but I couldn’t get Reese to fall asleep so we called it a day.

David and I have been trying to figure out what we loved about it so much. Was it the “magic” of Disney or something else. I think it was a little Disney magic… everything is perfect, clean, and easy with kids and that’s really nice. But, we really think it was just that is was our first family vacation where the girls were involved and not just along for the ride. It was planned for them and around them. It’s so exciting to be able to think about where we’ll take them next and what we’ll do for our next family vacation. We’ll definitely be back to Disney again soon though.

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