Baby #3 |19 Weeks|

Here we go again… I’m 19 weeks right now and still in complete denial that we’ll be halfway through this in a few days.

 photo 19 weeks 1 of 1_zpseiul3k83.jpg

Musings on the Weekly Photo(s):
– It’s kind of perfect that my weeks change on Sunday because we go to church every Sunday and there is some actual effort put into my overall appearance.

Marination Time: 19 weeks

Comparison: eh, maybe next week.

Fruit of the Week/Size of #3:
This week she is the size of a tomato (8.5 oz and 6 inches) I can’t remember how big they said she was at the anatomy scan.

Movement: Yep. I started feeling her at about 14 weeks, but didn’t call it until 15. Same with the girls. David has been able to feel her since 18 weeks.

– Not many at all this time really.  Nothing that’s stuck the whole time at least.
– I love salads and I wanted nothing to do with them with Kennedy and Reese.
– One week I had to have a Reuben sandwich and I never eat those. Really weird, but we went to Publix and that’s what I made for dinner {minus the rye bread because I hate rye bread… pregnant or not.}
–  I like ham now.  I think ham is gross, but I like it right now on breakfast sandwiches and I think I even ate some at Thanksgiving.

Not much here either… I get RLS at night, and it drives me insane but that’s about it.

Labor Signs: none yet…

What I Miss:
– I’m not there yet. Give me a few more weeks.

– Loving the girl’s excitement.  They tell everyone the see about the baby in mommy’s tummy and how she’s not ready to come out yet and Kennedy just keeps telling me that she’s so excited for the new baby.  I’m just hoping the excitement sticks once she actually gets here.

– Nursery planning… I haven’t decided anything yet because I want the girl’s room to be done first, but I like to make a new nursery for each baby. It’s something special I can do for each one of them and it helps me prepare mentally I guess.


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I’m a twenty-something wannabe city girl living in Tallahassee, FL with my husband and high school sweetheart, David, and our girls, Kennedy and Reese. I'm a financial analyst, much better with numbers than words, but this is my attempt at recording this wonderful, crazy life of ours.

One thought on “Baby #3 |19 Weeks|”

  1. Congratulations on the news! Three little girls will be perfect. I loved having daughters. Your little girls are so adorable and getting so big. I am so excited to be able to follow your blog again.

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