Holland |2 Months|

2 Months here we go!

 photo Holland 2 months-20_zpsphneglsa.jpg

    • The beginning was terrible as far as sleeping goes.  I couldn’t get you to fall asleep until midnight and it was still touch and go after that.

 photo Holland 2 months-5_zpstw1gsjpc.jpg

    • I moved you to your crib at 6 weeks.  This was totally new to me because Kennedy didn’t move until 3 months or so and Reese slept in our room until almost 6 months because… Reese.  You were such a loud sleeper and everything woke me up so I tried it on a whim and we both slept better.

 photo Holland 2 months_zpsfzrzmylh.jpg

    • Speaking of loud sleeping… I don’t have the monitor sound on.  I leave our door open so I hear you cry, but even the lowest setting on the monitor you wake me up and I think you’re awake and when I go in there you’re sound asleep.

 photo Holland 2 months-6_zpsu9fzcfjs.jpg

  • I started working on getting you in a little routine and moving bedtime up.

 photo Holland 2 months-12_zpspzhykvuh.jpg

  • You are a solid 45 minute napper unless I wear you.

 photo Holland 2 months-16_zpsqeejp8qi.jpg

  • You don’t love tummy time, but you deal with it for a little while at least.  You have had a really strong neck since you were born.

 photo Holland 2 months-21_zpssryrtj5x.jpg
 photo Holland 2 months-9_zpstsn8vq9i.jpg
 photo Holland 2 months-8_zpsqp5dgp8j.jpg
 photo Holland 2 months-14_zps69fymvak.jpg

  •  You started talking and cooing, but still rarely ever cried.  When we did hear you cry it was actually a weird sound because it never happens.  I’m most impressed by this at night because you don’t get fussy like Kennedy and Reese both did in the evenings.

 photo Holland 2 months-15_zpsb346uvz5.jpg

  • You were in newborn and 0-3 month clothes and newborn diapers until I ran out and then we moved you to size 1.

 photo Holland 2 months-10_zpsqqtayogu.jpg

  • The girls love to play with you and they are usually very good about being gentle.

 photo Holland 2 months-3_zpshavevu7u.jpg
 photo Holland 2 months-2_zpsetmvofdo.jpg
 photo Holland 2 months-4_zpsjhpzrhed.jpg

    • You started smiling right at the end of 1 month and you smile all the time.  I love this about you because Kennedy and Reese were both very serious.

 photo Holland 2 months-17_zpsm1xqcozb.jpg

Happy 2 months, baby girl!


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I’m a twenty-something wannabe city girl living in Tallahassee, FL with my husband and high school sweetheart, David, and our girls, Kennedy and Reese. I'm a financial analyst, much better with numbers than words, but this is my attempt at recording this wonderful, crazy life of ours.

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