Holland |8 Months|

It’s birthday week over here. I know, it’s crazy and I’ve got all the feels about it. In honor of Holland turning 1 in a few days I’m going to crank out these last few months of her updates. Better late than never right? So, 8 Months… This is as of February 25, 2016

 photo 8 months-7204_zpsrvv5retc.jpg

 photo 8 months-7210_zps73f7xqpe.jpg

You’re crawling, but usually it’s only when I walk away from you and you cry while you crawl because it’s all very upsetting to you. You also started cruising the furniture.

 photo 8 months-6826_zpsslrgutdu.jpg

You still think Kennedy and Reese are the. best. ever. 3 musketeers.

 photo 8 months-7225_zps9oxihwfv.jpg

 photo 8 months-7222_zpsrfl3k0kh.jpg

Sleeping. Still about the same. Usually up 2 times to eat and go right back to sleep. You are actually worse about sleeping through the night than Reese even was, but I don’t mind for some reason. I still think it’s because you go down so easy for naps and bedtime and I know it’s not going to be a battle.

 photo 8 months-6579_zpsbqyefb7h.jpg

You like to get tossed in the air, bounce in my lap, and swing on the swings. I always say you’re going to be my adventurous one.

 photo 8 months-6837_zpsa8kri2bd.jpg

You pull up to stand all the time and it’s not always super convenient. Standing caused an issue at bathtime, so baths moved to the tub. You’re a wash and go kind of girl now and don’t seem to like playing in the big tub very much.

 photo 8 months-6563_zpsenrk29tw.jpg

 photo 8 months-6794_zpsgzzltybo.jpg

You love the water table and being outside.

 photo 8 months-6918_zps1z1ay1hr.jpg
 photo 8 months-6921_zps5wfpbldj.jpg

You love food and you pretty much each whenever you can.

Happy 8 Months, Holland! I love you so much my sweet girl!

 photo 8 months-7214_zps8uju5bgf.jpg

 photo 8 months-7216_zpsxpkbzwxf.jpg

 photo 8 months-7227_zpsqjr33x9g.jpg

 photo 8 months-7228_zps6zes0i6l.jpg


Holland |7 Months|

Almost caught up! This is as of 1.25.17 and… there are some sneak peaks of her nursery. I’ve got 1 more thing to do in there and then I’ll finally post that up.

This month…

 photo 7 months-22_zpsblrcajbn.jpg

She’s pulling up to stand. I don’t know if she’s shorter than the girls were at this age, but she’s not tall enough yet to pull up on a lot of the things I for sure remember Reesey pulling up on. She easily pulls up if she has your fingers to hang onto though.

 photo 7 months-15_zpssihbzvlq.jpg

She isn’t full on crawling yet. She scoots forwards and backwards, rocks on her knees and gets the first few movements in before dropping to her belly.

 photo 7 months-16_zpsabdbzwma.jpg

Sleep is decent. I woke up one morning and you had rolled onto your belly in the marshmallow suit so that was the end of that. You are now in a sleep sack and you sleep on your belly.

 photo 7 months-6_zpss8qpsbwi.jpg

You were having issues finding your paci when you started sleeping on your belly so I scattered pacis all over your crib hoping you’d find one. I think that just made you mad and the glow-in-the-dark ones freaked you out so I just stuck with the paci clipped to your sleep sack and let you figure it out.

 photo 7 months-2_zpsz6p5atmt.jpg

I always sing “How Much Is That Doggy In the Window” when I change your diaper and you love it. Changing you is definitely a battle now as you just roll all over the place.

 photo 7 months-24_zpsmsoh3oad.jpg

Nursing is even harder than changing you. You refuse a cover and have a serious case of FOMO(fear of missing out). If I actually want you to eat anything we have to sit in your room, in the dark, by ourselves. Even that isn’t perfect, but if we don’t do that you are on and off the whole time and we both end up covered in milk. Not my favorite.

 photo 7 months-7_zpsg6hpekdh.jpg

You are so chill and calm, but you are finding your voice and getting louder.

 photo 7 months-17_zps7ax2znp9.jpg

I moved the height on your bouncer and you jump all around in there.

 photo 7 months-3_zpsdbmlallk.jpg

Still only 2 teeth, but you bit me. Again, not my favorite.

 photo 7 months-4_zps6mmoifbr.jpg

You started swinging in the blue swing at the house and you get the biggest smile. The girls love to push you.

 photo 7 months_zpsyrlbvabc.jpg

You are a foodie. It’s insane the amount of food you eat and how well you eat. One of the only times you get fussy is if we eat something and don’t share with you.

 photo 7 months-10_zps2nmk0stq.jpg
 photo 7 months-11_zpsmlab8yw5.jpg
 photo 7 months-12_zpshgbbkwqr.jpg

You love books and it reminds me so much of Kennedy as a baby. We lay on the floor and read all the time. You kick you feet and squeal and I love it.

 photo 7 months-14_zpsg3l8gbdy.jpg

That’s about it. Happy 7 months, Holland!!! I love you so much!

 photo 7 months-23_zpsmwfg3u9v.jpg
 photo 7 months-20_zpsxoahf7ua.jpg

Reese |9 Months|

9 Months… here we go!

 photo Reese9Months-19_zps7d017f11.jpg

I definitely have second baby syndrome with you. I feel like you’re a still such a baby, but your’re not! You’re very quickly becoming a little person, a toddler, and it just makes me a giant ball of emotions.

 photo Reese9Months-8_zps4c3b90bf.jpg

You started crawling last month, but this month you really decided that if you can’t walk yet you’re going to make the most of this crawling deal. You’re everywhere and of course you and Kennedy are always going in different directions which makes things so easy for me.

 photo Reese9Months-20_zps60f47929.jpg

You’re a climber. I was really hoping I’d have a break from that after Kennedy, but no dice.

 photo Reese9Months-10_zps2c6cc084.jpg
 photo Reese9Months-14_zps913e6958.jpg
 photo Reese9Months-16_zps9d6a0bb4.jpg
 photo Reese9Months-17_zps9c5b7e0f.jpg

You’re a rock star in the food department. You will eat anything I put in front of you. You new favorite loves are blueberries and grapes. I will also forever love the memory of you double fisting a sweet potato in one hand and a pizza crust in the other and taking bites of one then the other until they were gone.

 photo Reese9Months-2_zps1867d859.jpg

I gave you a sippy cup this month, but much like the bottle you just chew on it.

 photo Reese9Months-9_zps07f5313a.jpg

You can stand by yourself for a decent stretch and you’re starting to test yourself with the look-mom-no-hands trick.

 photo Reese9Months-5_zpse1dadac3.jpg

You’re walking really well. Along the furniture, with the walker, and holding our hands. I don’t think it will be long.

 photo Reese9Months-12_zps8f7bd8e2.jpg

Sleep. I still have a love hate relationship with this. Napping is still pretty great with off days here and there. You still wake up twice a night most nights… 11 and 3-4. I really want my sleep back, but I know as soon as you stop I’ll miss the cuddles.

 photo Reese9Months-18_zpsec93964a.jpg

You started doing high-5s.

 photo Reese9Months-4_zps9a1450be.jpg

You love humpty dumpty, this little piggy, peek a boo, singing songs, and being upside down.

 photo Reese9Months-15_zps48adec98.jpg

You have 2 teeth.

 photo Reese9Months_zps832021ed.jpg

You get really upset if anyone takes something from you.

 photo Reese9Months-7_zps66658091.jpg

Your separation anxiety is really bad and you cry if I set you down or walk out of sight. You have also been kicked out of the nursery a few times at church because you’re so upset. {the reason for your lack of smile in most of the pictures… I set you down}

 photo Reese9Months-13_zpsc821d1b6.jpg

You got sick this month and I had my first taste of the whole pass the sickness around the family deal.

 photo Reese9Months-6_zpse8c536bf.jpg

You love water. Splashing at the water table, sitting by the splash pad or the sprinkler, playing in the bath.

 photo Reese9Months-11_zpsd48f7e07.jpg

You’re awesome, Reese. Full of personality and laughter. I love you so, so much sweet girl!

 photo Reese9Months-22_zpsfeb760cd.jpg
 photo Reese9Months-23_zpscb4b1c03.jpg
 photo Reese9Months-21_zps0fc30e9a.jpg

Happy 9 Months, Reese!

Reese |8 Months|

Ok the 9 month update will be on time I promise, but here’s what you were doing at 8 months up through {7.10.14}

 photo Reese8Months-15_zpsfb8e84cb.jpg

You finally got a tooth. You were actually teething just about the whole month because the second one started coming in so you were not the smiley Reese I know and love this month.

 photo Reese8Months-16_zpse99d528c.jpg

{no this was not some weird attempt at a baby in a basket photo shoot… we were just playing in a basket.}

You’re crawling, but only when absolutely necessary and just 2-3 scoots. You really just want to stand and walk and crawling isn’t as cool.

 photo Reese8Months-4_zps42a23a85.jpg

You also started cruising the furniture.

 photo Reese8Months-2-2_zps4c4c9d54.jpg

I forgot to mention it last month, but you’re out of the marshmallow suit and into a sleep sack!

 photo Reese8Months-3_zps929777a0.jpg

You’ve been really clingy and I can rarely walk out of the room without you crying.

 photo Reese8Months-9_zps6102c8a3.jpg

You’re also super sweet with your sloppy kisses and you give real hugs where you wrap your arms around me and I love it.

 photo Reese8Months-5_zps2fe99409.jpg

You love food and you pretty much each 3 times a day. You’ve tried a lot of our food this month, but your basics are boiled/roasted sweet potato, avocado, carrots, apples, watermelon, and bananas.

 photo Reese8Months_zps82799301.jpg

Sleeping. Still about the same. Usually up 2 times to eat and go right back to sleep. Sometimes you really love me and only wake up once. Sometimes you still fight like crazy.

 photo Reese8Months-7_zps50f752c9.jpg

You are wild and crazy on the changing table and you don’t like getting dressed. We are in diapers most of the day when we’re at home so it’s okay.

 photo Reese8Months-8_zps5cdb1769.jpg

You love to flap your hand over your mouth and make that noise… Especially in the car.

 photo Reese8Months-10_zps61dfbc15.jpg
Your favorite toy is definitely the activity table because you can stand there a/nd play. Unless Kennedy is playing on the floor you don’t really want to be down there. The other favorite toys are my car keys and pulling the straw on my mason jar cup up and down.

 photo Reese8Months-3-2_zps5fd94c5d.jpg

You and Kennedy love, love jumping in the crib and you both laugh so hard. It’s awesome to watch you two together.

 photo Reese8Months-6_zpsce516dcc.jpg

You like to get tossed in the air, bounce in my lap, and swing on the swings.

 photo Reese8Months-12_zps8131fb35.jpg

You love looking in the mirror.

 photo Reese8Months-13_zpsde93fc8f.jpg

You babble a ton. Always telling stories, screaming, and laughing.

 photo Reese8Months-11_zps193e3796.jpg

 photo Reese8Months-14_zpse0868cd6.jpg

Happy 8 Months, Reese! I love you so much my sweet girl!

Reese |7 Months|

I know… she almost 8 months. So this is as of 6.10.14

This month…

 photo Reese7Months-1-3_zps6d2af620.jpg

 photo Reese7Months-2-3_zpsb040ed36.jpg

We had our first Mother’s Day together

 photo Reese7Months-1_zpsbfa0baac.jpg

 photo Reese7Months-3_zps52f1aba9.jpg

She’s pulling up to stand. She’ll stand all day if you let her… she loves it.

 photo Reese7Months-7-2_zps2a7a1ad1.jpg

 photo Reese7Months-6-2_zps9490f2c2.jpg

 photo Reese7Months-8-2_zpsb0e61876.jpg

She likes to practice walking

 photo Reese7Months-2-2_zps0bae1807.jpg

 photo Reese7Months-3-2_zpsf319a986.jpg

I’ve been really slow with food this time around though because I know the diapers get so gross and she gets so dirty. We’re doing Baby led weaning with her just like Kennedy and so far all she’s had was sweet potato, zucchini, avocado, and banana.

 photo Reese7Months-15_zps58d97a5f.jpg

 photo Reese7Months-5_zpsded105b6.jpg

 photo Reese7Months-5-2_zps467ec1f2.jpg

She isn’t crawling yet, but she’s what David and I like to call “annoyingly mobile but immobile.” She throws herself all over the place and can basically get wherever she wants without actually crawling or walking. She can take all the time she wants though because I had an early walker with Kennedy and I’m in no rush to have another one.

 photo Reese7Months-22_zps68e65bea.jpg

 photo Reese7Months-20_zps881422c8.jpg

Sleep is still getting better, but I wouldn’t call it good. Putting you to sleep has gotten so much easier, but you still fight to the death some nights for no reason at all. You’ve also done a few 1 wake up nights and it was kind of amazing. You normally take two naps that are just shy of 1.5 hours.

 photo Reese7Months-7_zps919b2dea.jpg

You laugh and laugh and laugh. At us, at Kennedy {especially Kennedy}, at yourself. You think you’re hilarious when you sneeze and you laugh in the car seat all the time at who knows what.

 photo Reese7Months-11_zps95ef8e2f.jpg

 photo Reese7Months-8_zps97801ec5.jpg

 photo Reese7Months-10_zpsae0dec8f.jpg

She is super loud and yells ALL. THE. TIME. just because.

 photo Reese7Months-17_zpse724cd08.jpg

She pinches all day long and can get the tiniest piece of skin. It hurts and David can’t stand it.

 photo Reese7Months-19_zps97e4785a.jpg

She’s quick. Grabbing stuff before you even realize she’s locked eyes on it.

 photo Reese7Months-18_zpscf419ea6.jpg

 photo Reese7Months-13_zps87807dfb.jpg

She loves playing with Kennedy.

 photo Reese7Months-12_zps4ab814a5.jpg

She is such a diva and she hates when she doesn’t get her way. The world is ending if you take her toy away or she feels offended in some way.

 photo Reese7Months-4_zpse1712835.jpg

 photo Reese7Months-9_zpsce9140ff.jpg

She loves making noise. Her spoon on the high chair, banging 2 toys together… You name it, if it makes noise she’s doing it.

 photo Reese7Months-16_zpsa8d00452.jpg

That’s about it. Happy 7 months, Reese!!! I love you so much!

 photo Reese7Months-3-3_zps5929e98e.jpg

Day 1

Written 3/1/13

My first day as a SAHM. It really just felt like Saturday or maybe like I took a day off work.

I got up at 6:45, late for me, and made my coffee. I sat on the couch, sorted through emails, and read my email devotional.

I didn’t pump.
I didn’t get bottles or food ready.
I didn’t get ready for work.

More importantly, I didn’t drop my baby off at daycare.

We played.
We snuggled while she took a nap.
We met our friends for a play date.

I got my first look at my new normal.

David helped with the transition by putting my name in “my new office” {yep, that’s the dishwasher}

 photo AAA15B53-BDEA-440D-8519-77CC09A68592-4992-0000035B91D048A6_zps834c60d5.jpg

I’m also working on finding a new home for bamboo.

 photo C5BF458F-B88B-43AF-8940-C496A2C48455-4992-0000035B95FC002E_zps1036bf10.jpg

It hasn’t hit me yet, but it will. I’m officially a SAHM.

Kennedy – 9 Months

I don’t have a rug picture yet and none of these pictures are edited. It’s sloppy, but at least it’s posted.

9 Months. Here’s what happened.

Fits. Like arch her back, throw her head back, scream and cry… fits. I actually said to her a couple times this month, “I don’t know where my baby is, but you are not my baby.” This month is the first time I’ve actually thought I’d be insane to want more kids… on several occasions.

 photo untitled-0021_zps607749de.jpg

She’s moving everywhere. Into EVERYTHING. There is no point in time where she is sits in one place and stays there.

 photo Kennedy9Months-0259_zpsfe657cce.jpg

 photo Kennedy9Months-0258_zps5407b4f6.jpg

We baby proofed. First with the electrical outlets and then the cabinets and drawers. Not sure it helped… she’s already started to figure out how to pull stuff out of the drawers.

 photo Kennedy9months2ndupload7of8_zpsa855c960.jpg

She’s mastered the sippy cup and SHE. LOVES. IT. We love how she slams the cup down after every sip… it’s like she’s saying “man, that was good.”

 photo untitled-0033_zpsf953952c.jpg
 photo untitled-0034_zps778a1bfa.jpg

She hangs out in the bathroom with me when I get ready in the morning and she figured out she’s tall enough to splash in the toilet… lid must stay down from now on!

 photo untitled-0265_zps0e0aa9ed.jpg

She had her first Valentine’s Day. Since she doesn’t have much interest in toys lately and I have zero desire to fill up my house with them I got her the books “Guess How Much I Love You” and “I Love You More” in the spirit of the day.

 photo Kennedy9Months-0210_zps63442e06.jpg

She got Roselea. Fever followed by a rash.

 photo untitled-0285_zps0f0376b1.jpg

She’s walking along furniture and behind her push walker. She’s really gaining her balance and will let go of both hands to turn and grab onto something else.

 photo untitled-0066_zpsb5c529db.jpg

She stands by herself for a few seconds at a time. She can also bend over or squat down and stand right back up.

 photo untitled-0073_zpsdf7b2f0f.jpg

Her favorite things to play with… my mascara tube, my phone, the dog’s food bowls, the dog’s water bowl, and cords {unplugged of course}.

 photo untitled-0309_zps6d901b0d.jpg

She loves to dump stuff out. At day care I fill up buckets with blocks and random toys, she tips it over, and we start all over again.

 photo untitled-0024_zps1a7beac2.jpg

She LOVES taking laundry out of the laundry basket.

 photo Kennedy9months2ndupload5of8_zpsf73e49a2.jpg

The dogs make her smile and laugh all the time. Just getting near them makes her so excited… she rarely gets near them because they’re so afraid of her, but that’s besides the point.

 photo untitled-9548.jpg

She’s an eating machine… Her favorites are still avocado, blueberries, and black beans, but she was a big fan of baked eggplant so that might be a new fav. She still hasn’t really dropped any nursing feeds, but she nurses less at lunch now.

 photo untitled-0357_zpsa3de722a.jpg

She seems to like sour/tart stuff… She’s had pickles and kiwi so far and she really likes them… No faces or anything!

 photo untitled-0346_zps6357b25e.jpg

Sleep is getting better… with a few nightmarish nights thrown in here and there.

 photo untitled-0298_zpsd4f78ff8.jpg

She knows how to stick her hand into a container and pull the food out.

 photo untitled-0338_zpsdd8ca841.jpg

She understands No. She will always pause, but she doesn’t always stop what she’s doing.

 photo untitled-0341_zps2df5d0d1.jpg

She will usually crawl to you if you ask her to.

 photo untitled-0352_zps70a7f8d4.jpg

She waves, claps, and gives kisses.

 photo untitled-0325_zpsa6deac72.jpg

No words yet… still just babbling.

 photo untitled-0264_zpsce02f8f3.jpg

When I nurse her she tries to put her fingers in my mouth… The whole time.

Happy 9 months, Kennedy Brooke. I love you more than anything in the whole, wide world.