Holland |8 Months|

It’s birthday week over here. I know, it’s crazy and I’ve got all the feels about it. In honor of Holland turning 1 in a few days I’m going to crank out these last few months of her updates. Better late than never right? So, 8 Months… This is as of February 25, 2016

 photo 8 months-7204_zpsrvv5retc.jpg

 photo 8 months-7210_zps73f7xqpe.jpg

You’re crawling, but usually it’s only when I walk away from you and you cry while you crawl because it’s all very upsetting to you. You also started cruising the furniture.

 photo 8 months-6826_zpsslrgutdu.jpg

You still think Kennedy and Reese are the. best. ever. 3 musketeers.

 photo 8 months-7225_zps9oxihwfv.jpg

 photo 8 months-7222_zpsrfl3k0kh.jpg

Sleeping. Still about the same. Usually up 2 times to eat and go right back to sleep. You are actually worse about sleeping through the night than Reese even was, but I don’t mind for some reason. I still think it’s because you go down so easy for naps and bedtime and I know it’s not going to be a battle.

 photo 8 months-6579_zpsbqyefb7h.jpg

You like to get tossed in the air, bounce in my lap, and swing on the swings. I always say you’re going to be my adventurous one.

 photo 8 months-6837_zpsa8kri2bd.jpg

You pull up to stand all the time and it’s not always super convenient. Standing caused an issue at bathtime, so baths moved to the tub. You’re a wash and go kind of girl now and don’t seem to like playing in the big tub very much.

 photo 8 months-6563_zpsenrk29tw.jpg

 photo 8 months-6794_zpsgzzltybo.jpg

You love the water table and being outside.

 photo 8 months-6918_zps1z1ay1hr.jpg
 photo 8 months-6921_zps5wfpbldj.jpg

You love food and you pretty much each whenever you can.

Happy 8 Months, Holland! I love you so much my sweet girl!

 photo 8 months-7214_zps8uju5bgf.jpg

 photo 8 months-7216_zpsxpkbzwxf.jpg

 photo 8 months-7227_zpsqjr33x9g.jpg

 photo 8 months-7228_zps6zes0i6l.jpg


Holland |7 Months|

Almost caught up! This is as of 1.25.17 and… there are some sneak peaks of her nursery. I’ve got 1 more thing to do in there and then I’ll finally post that up.

This month…

 photo 7 months-22_zpsblrcajbn.jpg

She’s pulling up to stand. I don’t know if she’s shorter than the girls were at this age, but she’s not tall enough yet to pull up on a lot of the things I for sure remember Reesey pulling up on. She easily pulls up if she has your fingers to hang onto though.

 photo 7 months-15_zpssihbzvlq.jpg

She isn’t full on crawling yet. She scoots forwards and backwards, rocks on her knees and gets the first few movements in before dropping to her belly.

 photo 7 months-16_zpsabdbzwma.jpg

Sleep is decent. I woke up one morning and you had rolled onto your belly in the marshmallow suit so that was the end of that. You are now in a sleep sack and you sleep on your belly.

 photo 7 months-6_zpss8qpsbwi.jpg

You were having issues finding your paci when you started sleeping on your belly so I scattered pacis all over your crib hoping you’d find one. I think that just made you mad and the glow-in-the-dark ones freaked you out so I just stuck with the paci clipped to your sleep sack and let you figure it out.

 photo 7 months-2_zpsz6p5atmt.jpg

I always sing “How Much Is That Doggy In the Window” when I change your diaper and you love it. Changing you is definitely a battle now as you just roll all over the place.

 photo 7 months-24_zpsmsoh3oad.jpg

Nursing is even harder than changing you. You refuse a cover and have a serious case of FOMO(fear of missing out). If I actually want you to eat anything we have to sit in your room, in the dark, by ourselves. Even that isn’t perfect, but if we don’t do that you are on and off the whole time and we both end up covered in milk. Not my favorite.

 photo 7 months-7_zpsg6hpekdh.jpg

You are so chill and calm, but you are finding your voice and getting louder.

 photo 7 months-17_zps7ax2znp9.jpg

I moved the height on your bouncer and you jump all around in there.

 photo 7 months-3_zpsdbmlallk.jpg

Still only 2 teeth, but you bit me. Again, not my favorite.

 photo 7 months-4_zps6mmoifbr.jpg

You started swinging in the blue swing at the house and you get the biggest smile. The girls love to push you.

 photo 7 months_zpsyrlbvabc.jpg

You are a foodie. It’s insane the amount of food you eat and how well you eat. One of the only times you get fussy is if we eat something and don’t share with you.

 photo 7 months-10_zps2nmk0stq.jpg
 photo 7 months-11_zpsmlab8yw5.jpg
 photo 7 months-12_zpshgbbkwqr.jpg

You love books and it reminds me so much of Kennedy as a baby. We lay on the floor and read all the time. You kick you feet and squeal and I love it.

 photo 7 months-14_zpsg3l8gbdy.jpg

That’s about it. Happy 7 months, Holland!!! I love you so much!

 photo 7 months-23_zpsmwfg3u9v.jpg
 photo 7 months-20_zpsxoahf7ua.jpg

Holland |6 Months|

6 months… almost caught up! This is as of 12/25/16

 photo Holland 6 months-18_zpsqo0pbrbj.jpg

Sitting is no longer cool enough… you want to move.

 photo Holland 6 months-5_zpscbd6gpea.jpg

You love to stand

 photo Holland 6 months-8_zps1yuv5bt6.jpg

You were very clear about your desire to eat some real food so you got to start baby led weaning a little earlier than Kennedy and Reese did. You have been all in right from the start and you still haven’t met a food you didn’t like.

 photo Holland 6 months-9_zps10gkvg9j.jpg

At your 6 month appointment you were
-14 pounds 8 ounces (20th percentile)
-26 inches long

 photo Holland 6 months-10_zpssohvrw5w.jpg

You still love bath time and we still have you in the kitchen sink. It’s so easy, but the time is limited now that you’re sitting so well and getting more mobile.

 photo Holland 6 months-11_zpsx0k0gaxh.jpg

 photo Holland 6 months-12_zps7tbiczxu.jpg

You were working on your 2 bottom teeth. 1 cut right before Christmas.

 photo Holland 6 months-7_zpsn8ubdpm1.jpg

Sleep was decent except for the teeth cutting. 2 times a night seems to be the norm. I’m ok with that.

 photo Holland 6 months_zpse11r2fhg.jpg

You and Kennedy… sweetest. thing. ever.

 photo Holland 6 months-16_zpszi7rg8kk.jpg

 photo Holland 6 months-15_zpsz8lguohb.jpg

 photo Holland 6 months-4_zpssqfhsojh.jpg

 photo Holland 6 months-3_zpsheufnewg.jpg

You got to take your first ride in the blue swing

 photo Holland 6 months-13_zpsy3dw3k2s.jpg

 photo Holland 6 months-14_zpsfpx3kquy.jpg

I love you so much, my sweet baby girl. Happy 6 Months, Holland!

 photo Holland 6 months-17_zpst2vdlfbz.jpg

 photo Holland 6 months-20_zps35o2ckdg.jpg

 photo Holland 6 months-19_zpsoxwtv2ch.jpg

Holland |5 Months|

This month… 5 months. So this is up to November 25, 2016.

 photo 5 months-13_zpsmaapaehe.jpg

You roll both ways, but you very rarely roll from your belly to your back.

 photo 5 months-4_zpshcctrpxl.jpg

You perfected sitting and you seriously never fall over. I kept the boppy around you for another week or so and realized you really didn’t need it.

 photo 5 months-10_zpsssgbbqd3.jpg

Whatever the yoga pose is where you push your butt up in the air and make a triangle… you do that.

 photo 5 months-16_zpsrbizdwbf.jpg

You had your first Halloween. I was going to dress you up, but then I decided it wasn’t really worth it since I’d just be wearing you in the Solly. There’s always next year. You did get to go to a few pumpkin patches and you may have christened a pumpkin with spit up.

 photo 5 months_zps6xqb1tag.jpg

You love watching Kennedy and Reese play and I can’t wait until you get to play right along with them.

 photo 5 months-3_zpsm1h4rrf3.jpg

 photo 5 months-5_zpsidhvfzo7.jpg

 photo 5 months-18_zpsff3alqhq.jpg

You grab at EVERYTHING and you are a major pincher and hair puller.

 photo 5 months-2_zpsvxoceko4.jpg

You love to stand

 photo 5 months-14_zpsumeebvyl.jpg

You love your feet and toes and you put them in your mouth all the time.

 photo 5 months-12_zpswgfahauu.jpg

 photo 5 months-15_zps0zoxsof6.jpg

Naps started getting better. Usually 2 longer naps about 1.5 hours and a short 30 minute nap. You still wake up a few times a night to eat.

 photo 5 months-7_zps2vo81zbs.jpg

You are getting better at putting your paci in yourself. I watch you on the monitor practicing taking it out and putting it back in until you fall asleep.

 photo 5 months-8_zpsrdwpwmq5.jpg

You had your first Thanksgiving and you slept through dinner.

 photo 5 months-6_zps21ko7fql.jpg

You’re still the sweetest, happiest little baby and I love you so, so much!

Happy 5 Months, Holland Taylor!

Holland |4 Months|

So behind… she turned 6 months on Christmas.  This has been a “season” for our family for sure and now we’re in this weird transitional phase.  Hopefully I’ll be able to blog about that at some point, but monthly posts have to come first.  Or you know, her birth story.  Anyways…

You turned 4 months October 25th and you are still the easiest baby on the planet.

 photo Holland 4 months-6_zps901x6v9a.jpg

I stopped swaddling you right when you turned 3 months and you got put in the marshmallow suit. It worked really well for you.

 photo Holland 4 months-5_zpsuc1irqfy.jpg

You’ve had rough patches here and there (a day or two where I could only get you to sleep in the swing, too), but you generally only wake up once or twice a night.  You’re not our best sleeper as far as sleeping through the night, but you put yourself to sleep so quickly and easily and it makes nap time and bedtime a dream.

 photo Holland 4 months-15_zpsxxhyrzr1.jpg

Naps are still about 45 minutes and bedtime is at 7.

 photo Holland 4 months-14_zpshuemridj.jpg

At your 4 month check up you were almost 12 pounds and 24″.

 photo Holland 4 months-10_zpslq7m6c6x.jpg

Bathtime is still a favorite for both of us. You don’t have a “witching hour” so we never dread the end of the day. Your hands were a favorite this month, too.

 photo Holland 4 months-2_zpsaeo696ix.jpg

 photo Holland 4 months_zpsvjdm9obb.jpg

We broke out the activity jumper and you really liked being able to stand.

 photo Holland 4 months-9_zpsomutxzxk.jpg

 photo Holland 4 months-8_zpsvpva6jcv.jpg

The girls still love you more than anything and you love them right back.

 photo Holland 4 months-7_zpski3takzh.jpg

Happy 4 months, Holland Taylor!

 photo Holland 4 months-11_zpsko9oujhe.jpg

 photo Holland 4 months-12_zpsmch3ug8z.jpg

Holland |3 Months|

3 months old!

 photo Holland 3 months-6_zpskalzbw1k.jpg

  • You go to sleep around 7/7:15 and wake up once or twice.  You are up for the day at 7.  You are awesome about putting yourself to sleep too and that makes things so much easier.
  • Naps are still only about 45 minutes if you are in your crib, but our house is never quiet either.  They’ll get longer one day… sooner than later please 🙂
  •  photo Holland 3 months-5_zpskui9iejv.jpg

  • You are always trying to lift your head up like you’re in a sitting position.  Even in the car seat you try to sit with your head up.
  • You are more okay with tummy time now and you can hold your head up really well.
  •  photo Holland 3 months-7_zpsr5afy5or.jpg

  • You love to stand up and you push against everything with your legs.
  • You found your hands and you suck on them all the time.  You’ve found your thumb a few times, but I’m hoping you just stick with the paci.
  •  photo Holland 3 months-8_zpsneq559c0.jpg

  • Bubbles and drool all day long.
  • You are usually making it 3 hours before you want to eat again.
  •  photo A83F720E-2EC0-4B73-86AE-C47A8894510C_zpsube02cxe.jpg

  • We lay down on the floor and read books and you just smile and talk the whole time.
  • Bath time is still your favorite and sometimes Kennedy helps.  You guys are so cute together.
  •  photo Holland 3 months_zpsmcu85gvr.jpg

  • If I stick my tongue out at you, you do it right back.
  • You had a bottle and you had some formula.  I was gone unexpectedly and didn’t have any milk pumped, but you needed to eat so Grandma Leanne fed you.
  •  photo Holland 3 months-2_zpsotdg2oc9.jpg

  • You think Kennedy and Reese are awesome.
  • You started holding onto a few toys and putting them in your mouth.
  •  photo Holland 3 months-3_zpst7ohnig0.jpg

  • You are still just the sweetest, happiest, most content little baby I have ever met and I am so thankful God gave me you ❤

 photo Holland 3 months-17_zpsp1zgzfpc.jpg

Love you to the moon, Holland Taylor!

Holland |2 Months|

2 Months here we go!

 photo Holland 2 months-20_zpsphneglsa.jpg

    • The beginning was terrible as far as sleeping goes.  I couldn’t get you to fall asleep until midnight and it was still touch and go after that.

 photo Holland 2 months-5_zpstw1gsjpc.jpg

    • I moved you to your crib at 6 weeks.  This was totally new to me because Kennedy didn’t move until 3 months or so and Reese slept in our room until almost 6 months because… Reese.  You were such a loud sleeper and everything woke me up so I tried it on a whim and we both slept better.

 photo Holland 2 months_zpsfzrzmylh.jpg

    • Speaking of loud sleeping… I don’t have the monitor sound on.  I leave our door open so I hear you cry, but even the lowest setting on the monitor you wake me up and I think you’re awake and when I go in there you’re sound asleep.

 photo Holland 2 months-6_zpsu9fzcfjs.jpg

  • I started working on getting you in a little routine and moving bedtime up.

 photo Holland 2 months-12_zpspzhykvuh.jpg

  • You are a solid 45 minute napper unless I wear you.

 photo Holland 2 months-16_zpsqeejp8qi.jpg

  • You don’t love tummy time, but you deal with it for a little while at least.  You have had a really strong neck since you were born.

 photo Holland 2 months-21_zpssryrtj5x.jpg
 photo Holland 2 months-9_zpstsn8vq9i.jpg
 photo Holland 2 months-8_zpsqp5dgp8j.jpg
 photo Holland 2 months-14_zps69fymvak.jpg

  •  You started talking and cooing, but still rarely ever cried.  When we did hear you cry it was actually a weird sound because it never happens.  I’m most impressed by this at night because you don’t get fussy like Kennedy and Reese both did in the evenings.

 photo Holland 2 months-15_zpsb346uvz5.jpg

  • You were in newborn and 0-3 month clothes and newborn diapers until I ran out and then we moved you to size 1.

 photo Holland 2 months-10_zpsqqtayogu.jpg

  • The girls love to play with you and they are usually very good about being gentle.

 photo Holland 2 months-3_zpshavevu7u.jpg
 photo Holland 2 months-2_zpsetmvofdo.jpg
 photo Holland 2 months-4_zpsjhpzrhed.jpg

    • You started smiling right at the end of 1 month and you smile all the time.  I love this about you because Kennedy and Reese were both very serious.

 photo Holland 2 months-17_zpsm1xqcozb.jpg

Happy 2 months, baby girl!