“To Infiniti and beyond”

Jetta is gone and we’ve replaced her with a him. His name is G and he is so much more fun to drive!!! G is faster, more powerful and bigger than Jetta. Bigger is better since we have 2 dogs and eventually we’ll need room for a tiny human ūüėČ So without further ado… meet G.




David took the pictures of course… thanks baby!


Time to say goodbye


She was always ready to go when I needed her.¬† She was fun and so cute!¬† She loved to roll through town with the windows down and a great song blaring out¬†of the speakers.¬†¬†Yes, I’m talking about my car. My other baby. My Jetta.

Jetta driving me to my bachelorette party
My (then) fiancee washing Jetta ‚̧

I had to¬†let her go today but not without first letting her know how good she was to me.¬† I’ll miss Jetta and always smile when I think of her or see one of her relatives driving down the road.

On the first day…

It’s official. I am no longer just a blog stalker reader.¬† As of today I am a “blogger” and I. Am. Excited!¬†¬†I always tried to keep a diary when I was younger and¬†it never went well.¬† Most of my entries started with Dear Diary, sorry¬†I haven’t written in so long.¬† But this… this will be good.¬† I want to¬†document our life and do it well enough that we can look back and remember the memories we made and our reactions to whatever life threw at us.¬† I want this blog to be real, a journal of sorts, and¬†a fun hobby.¬†¬†If along the way people start to read along, great! If not, I’ll have carved out my own little piece of the internet anyways.