Holland |5 Months|

This month… 5 months. So this is up to November 25, 2016.

 photo 5 months-13_zpsmaapaehe.jpg

You roll both ways, but you very rarely roll from your belly to your back.

 photo 5 months-4_zpshcctrpxl.jpg

You perfected sitting and you seriously never fall over. I kept the boppy around you for another week or so and realized you really didn’t need it.

 photo 5 months-10_zpsssgbbqd3.jpg

Whatever the yoga pose is where you push your butt up in the air and make a triangle… you do that.

 photo 5 months-16_zpsrbizdwbf.jpg

You had your first Halloween. I was going to dress you up, but then I decided it wasn’t really worth it since I’d just be wearing you in the Solly. There’s always next year. You did get to go to a few pumpkin patches and you may have christened a pumpkin with spit up.

 photo 5 months_zps6xqb1tag.jpg

You love watching Kennedy and Reese play and I can’t wait until you get to play right along with them.

 photo 5 months-3_zpsm1h4rrf3.jpg

 photo 5 months-5_zpsidhvfzo7.jpg

 photo 5 months-18_zpsff3alqhq.jpg

You grab at EVERYTHING and you are a major pincher and hair puller.

 photo 5 months-2_zpsvxoceko4.jpg

You love to stand

 photo 5 months-14_zpsumeebvyl.jpg

You love your feet and toes and you put them in your mouth all the time.

 photo 5 months-12_zpswgfahauu.jpg

 photo 5 months-15_zps0zoxsof6.jpg

Naps started getting better. Usually 2 longer naps about 1.5 hours and a short 30 minute nap. You still wake up a few times a night to eat.

 photo 5 months-7_zps2vo81zbs.jpg

You are getting better at putting your paci in yourself. I watch you on the monitor practicing taking it out and putting it back in until you fall asleep.

 photo 5 months-8_zpsrdwpwmq5.jpg

You had your first Thanksgiving and you slept through dinner.

 photo 5 months-6_zps21ko7fql.jpg

You’re still the sweetest, happiest little baby and I love you so, so much!

Happy 5 Months, Holland Taylor!


Reese |5 Months|

This month…

 photo Reese5Months-7888_zpsea3d557f.jpg

 photo Reese5Months-7871_zps68d5fd10.jpg

You talk and talk and talk. Screeching and squealing included.

 photo Reese5Months-7498_zps0b4f4a3d.jpg

You still aren’t rolling, but you’re sitting by yourself for maybe 10 seconds or so before you tip over or start to lean really far forward. I called it when I said you’d sit before you rolled over.

 photo Reese5Months-7579_zps25c95a99.jpg

You are actually scooting a bit on the play mat. You don’t realize what you’re doing yet I don’t think, but you’ve got the frog legs down.

 photo Reese5Months-6989_zpsbc2fc676.jpg

 photo Reese5Months-6992_zpsa87f972c.jpg

You had a weight check and you weighed 13.5 pounds putting you in the 15% percentile.

 photo Reese5Months-7302_zps4da5860b.jpg

Kennedy makes you laugh and laugh. Everything is more fun for you when she’s around and it makes me so excited to see you grow up together.

 photo Reese5Months-7912_zps1e72b41a.jpg

We moved you to the crib. Kind of. Sort of. More on that later.

 photo Reese5Months-7783_zps2fd50993.jpg

You still won’t take a bottle. You’re also at the age where you get very distracted while you eat. You just drop you head and look all around upside down.

 photo Reese5Months-7550_zps3aba1955.jpg

You grab at EVERYTHING and you are a major pincher and hair puller.

 photo Reese5Months-7875_zpsf14bef64.jpg

Your tooth still hasn’t cut through yet, but I’m ok with you being teeth free for a while. You’re drooling is actually getting better though.

 photo Reese5Months-7022_zps61e423d6.jpg

You love to stand and you’re getting pretty good at standing while holding onto the coffee table or holding someone’s fingers.

 photo Reese5Months-7502_zps5c094287.jpg

You’re so good in the car seat now. This makes going anywhere so much easier.

 photo Reese5Months-7812_zps23f9b9b6.jpg

You love your feet and toes and you can almost get your toes in your mouth.

 photo Reese5Months-7850_zps91bb3203.jpg

You take your paci out and try to put it back in all the time.

 photo Reese5Months-7493_zpsb34db665.jpg

You get bored really easily and love having toys in your hands to play with.

 photo Reese5Months-7355_zpsaea2e6ae.jpg

You finally stopped spitting up so much… except when Auntie Lo is holding you.

 photo Reese5Months-7904_zps401d7289.jpg

 photo Reese5Months-7908_zps298f728d.jpg

You’re still the sweetest, happiest little baby and I love you so, so much!

Happy 5 Months, Reese Olivia!