Holland |6 Months|

6 months… almost caught up! This is as of 12/25/16

 photo Holland 6 months-18_zpsqo0pbrbj.jpg

Sitting is no longer cool enough… you want to move.

 photo Holland 6 months-5_zpscbd6gpea.jpg

You love to stand

 photo Holland 6 months-8_zps1yuv5bt6.jpg

You were very clear about your desire to eat some real food so you got to start baby led weaning a little earlier than Kennedy and Reese did. You have been all in right from the start and you still haven’t met a food you didn’t like.

 photo Holland 6 months-9_zps10gkvg9j.jpg

At your 6 month appointment you were
-14 pounds 8 ounces (20th percentile)
-26 inches long

 photo Holland 6 months-10_zpssohvrw5w.jpg

You still love bath time and we still have you in the kitchen sink. It’s so easy, but the time is limited now that you’re sitting so well and getting more mobile.

 photo Holland 6 months-11_zpsx0k0gaxh.jpg

 photo Holland 6 months-12_zps7tbiczxu.jpg

You were working on your 2 bottom teeth. 1 cut right before Christmas.

 photo Holland 6 months-7_zpsn8ubdpm1.jpg

Sleep was decent except for the teeth cutting. 2 times a night seems to be the norm. I’m ok with that.

 photo Holland 6 months_zpse11r2fhg.jpg

You and Kennedy… sweetest. thing. ever.

 photo Holland 6 months-16_zpszi7rg8kk.jpg

 photo Holland 6 months-15_zpsz8lguohb.jpg

 photo Holland 6 months-4_zpssqfhsojh.jpg

 photo Holland 6 months-3_zpsheufnewg.jpg

You got to take your first ride in the blue swing

 photo Holland 6 months-13_zpsy3dw3k2s.jpg

 photo Holland 6 months-14_zpsfpx3kquy.jpg

I love you so much, my sweet baby girl. Happy 6 Months, Holland!

 photo Holland 6 months-17_zpst2vdlfbz.jpg

 photo Holland 6 months-20_zps35o2ckdg.jpg

 photo Holland 6 months-19_zpsoxwtv2ch.jpg


Holland |4 Months|

So behind… she turned 6 months on Christmas.  This has been a “season” for our family for sure and now we’re in this weird transitional phase.  Hopefully I’ll be able to blog about that at some point, but monthly posts have to come first.  Or you know, her birth story.  Anyways…

You turned 4 months October 25th and you are still the easiest baby on the planet.

 photo Holland 4 months-6_zps901x6v9a.jpg

I stopped swaddling you right when you turned 3 months and you got put in the marshmallow suit. It worked really well for you.

 photo Holland 4 months-5_zpsuc1irqfy.jpg

You’ve had rough patches here and there (a day or two where I could only get you to sleep in the swing, too), but you generally only wake up once or twice a night.  You’re not our best sleeper as far as sleeping through the night, but you put yourself to sleep so quickly and easily and it makes nap time and bedtime a dream.

 photo Holland 4 months-15_zpsxxhyrzr1.jpg

Naps are still about 45 minutes and bedtime is at 7.

 photo Holland 4 months-14_zpshuemridj.jpg

At your 4 month check up you were almost 12 pounds and 24″.

 photo Holland 4 months-10_zpslq7m6c6x.jpg

Bathtime is still a favorite for both of us. You don’t have a “witching hour” so we never dread the end of the day. Your hands were a favorite this month, too.

 photo Holland 4 months-2_zpsaeo696ix.jpg

 photo Holland 4 months_zpsvjdm9obb.jpg

We broke out the activity jumper and you really liked being able to stand.

 photo Holland 4 months-9_zpsomutxzxk.jpg

 photo Holland 4 months-8_zpsvpva6jcv.jpg

The girls still love you more than anything and you love them right back.

 photo Holland 4 months-7_zpski3takzh.jpg

Happy 4 months, Holland Taylor!

 photo Holland 4 months-11_zpsko9oujhe.jpg

 photo Holland 4 months-12_zpsmch3ug8z.jpg

Reese |6 Months|

I still can’t believe it’s been 6 months Reesey!

This month

 photo Reese6Months-9037_zps7e89f87e.jpg

You are sitting like it’s your job, but we’ve had some interesting face-plants… One may have included chalk all over your face.

 photo Reese6Months-9016_zps618a7f5d.jpg

 photo Reese6Months-8646_zps1b11b09c.jpg

You love to stand and you always do a little dance

 photo Reese6Months-8238_zpsfbc3310a.jpg

I let you try some avocado and your dad may or may not have given you some frozen yogurt. You also love veggie straws.

 photo Reese6Months-8251_zps532e3240.jpg

At your 6 month appointment you were
-14 pounds 1 ounce {13.21 %… they’re very accurate at your doctor’s office apparently}
-26 inches long {53.83%}

 photo Reese6Months-8105_zpsdbcca561.jpg

You sit in the bath chair now instead of the infant tub.

 photo Reese6Months-8655_zpscc01e45b.jpg

You grab at everything. You also pull me in for the most slobbery kisses and they’re the best ever.

 photo Reese6Months-8181_zps3a16215a.jpg

You finally decided to start rolling, but you still won’t roll to your belly unless I make you. You really hate being on your belly.

 photo Reese6Months-8618_zps1327607e.jpg

Sleep is… better. Usually you wake up 2 times a night. 10:30-11 and 2:30-3. I don’t mind because I still haven’t gone to bed by the time your first wake up rolls around so it really feels like you only wake up once.

 photo Reese6Months-8585_zpsd736497f.jpg

You still haven’t gotten those teeth in, but they’re there and driving us both crazy. I can’t complain too much though because your sister already had 2 at this point and nursing was changed forever.

 photo Reese6Months-8228_zpse2e40b05.jpg

You added blowing raspberries to your list of sounds. You are so loud and it’s hilarious.

 photo Reese6Months-8233_zpsec6585f0.jpg

You are completely head over heels for Kennedy and it’s the sweetest.

 photo Reese6Months-8226_zps119d897d.jpg

I love you so much, my sweet baby girl. Happy 6 Months, Reesey!

 photo Reese6Months-9043_zps99c9468f.jpg

I’m Too Tired For A Title

Just know that I’m comparing situations here and not my girls.


Kennedy was unswaddled by 10 or 11 weeks. She’s also a belly sleeper {still is} which is important to note because your arms have much less mobility on your stomach. And when I decided to move her to her crib… zero issues.

And then there’s Reese.

I’ve been dreading, dreading, moving Reese to her crib at night since she was about 3 weeks old. I had a feeling it wouldn’t be easy so I’ve been putting it off in favor of more sleep.

Right now she takes naps in her crib, swaddled with 1 arm out, and at night she sleeps in the Rock n’ Play totally swaddled… until last night.

 photo F1485668-0688-4B42-9099-FC34FEE43637_zpser6ayuhu.jpg

I finally tried the crib. And it was awesome. I’d see her wake up on the monitor and she’d put herself back to sleep and I was so proud of her. And then the girls decided to time warp back 3 months and torture me with the tag-team game they made up when Reese was a newborn.

I was in bed by 10:45 and Kennedy randomly woke up around 11. Awesome. Get her back down and she’s up again about 15 minutes later screaming for water. Kennedy is finally back to sleep by about 11:30 and Reese starts screaming at 11:39. Not. Kidding. {Kennedy woke her up and she has this weird thing where she cries if she hears Kennedy cry}

I put Reese back down, get back in bed, and she’s back up. I played the up, down game a few times, but I gave up around 1:30 and put her in the Rock n’ Play except now she was so overtired she just wasn’t going to sleep at all. So I stuck her in my bed and she kicked me the rest of the night.

Here’s the thing with Reese… She’s fighting the swaddle, but if she’s not swaddled she can’t sleep. If she has access to her hands then they’re in her mouth, rubbing her face, and waking. her. up. She’s also a back sleeper so her arms can be all over the place if she wants them to be. It’s just a perfect storm of sleep issues.

Maybe it was just an early April Fool’s joke, but I’m a zombie and I think trying to move her was officially the worst idea ever. I’m still debating trying it again tonight or just trying again in a week or so. Or maybe I’ll just keep her in the Rock n’ Play until she’s 10 and she can ask to sleep somewhere else.

Reese |4 Months|

 photo Reese4Months-7033_zpse2123218.jpg

Reese, this month you finally came out of the “4th trimester.” Your personality is coming out more and more and you are the happiest baby with smiles and laughs all day long.

 photo Reese4Months-7050_zpsd37c94d0.jpg

 photo Reese4Months-6654_zpsa4e5648a.jpg

 photo Reese4Months-6669_zpsf125a4e2.jpg

Your 2 bottom teeth are coming in, I can see them so hopefully sooner than later. I was hoping for a teething break between you and your sister, but no such luck. The drool is constant… soaking through bibs and several outfits a day.

 photo Reese4Months-7039_zps42406254.jpg

Your fingers rarely leave your mouth

 photo Reese4Months-6671_zps91dd64d5.jpg

 photo Reese4Months-6723_zpsf0b4cf70.jpg

 photo Reese4Months-6831_zps0f34be86.jpg

If your fingers aren’t in your mouth… then whatever you can get your hands on take their place.

 photo Reese4Months-6666_zps06825a86.jpg

 photo Reese4Months-6809_zps22234de9.jpg

You can grasp on to just about anything and you are a lot more interested in toys now.

 photo Reese4Months-6695_zps577064cc.jpg

I put you in the jumper for the first time and it kept your attention for a long time… well until Kennedy demanded we take you out so she could get in it. She’s having a hard time with sharing lately.

 photo Reese4Months-6828_zpse828baf8.jpg

 photo Reese4Months-6762_zps5cb6a774.jpg

You have zero desire to roll over, but you could definitely do it if you wanted to. You spend a lot of time on your side now and you rolled over swaddled during a nap so you sleep with 1 arm out during naps now.

 photo Reese4Months-6696_zps2196b19e.jpg

You still aren’t a fan of tummy time. You want to sit or stand and being on your belly doesn’t let you see enough.

 photo Reese4Months-6532_zps20cc9919.jpg

You’re taking 4 naps a day… yes, 4. If I want you to get all your naps in… we can’t leave the house.

 photo Reese4Months-6614_zpsa9ed99ce.jpg

You’re still sleeping in our room at night… swaddled… in the rock and play. I moved Kennedy at 3 months and it was a really easy transition, but I really don’t want to walk across the house to feed you at night. I’m lazy and tired, but I’ll probably do it in the next few weeks.

 photo Reese4Months-6767_zps07097ac3.jpg

It seems like every day you’ve grown out of another outfit and you’re mostly in 3-6 months now.

 photo Reese4Months-7049_zps2e2656d0.jpg

Happy 4 Months, Reese!

 photo Reese4Months-7064_zpsf680dd72.jpg

Baby Girls Need Pearls, Too

I’m still processing the fact that we’re on the downhill slide to 1 year. It sunk in a little more last Saturday when David and I did Kennedy’s 6 month photo shoot. She’s getting so big!

Here are a few of my favorites…






…and now I’m melting into a big puddle of love.

Kennedy 6 Months

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I’m a day late and a dollar short, but these month blog posts take forever!

She’s changed so much this month I can’t even get it all down… Let alone remember it, but here’s what she’s been up to.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
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She got a bath chair and she plays with bath toys. When I pour water out of a cup above her head she tries to grab the stream of water with her hands. She splashes the water and still loves the bathtub.

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She hung out with her Auntie Rachie 😉

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She’s playing with all sorts of new toys. She loves to make noise with rattles or her chain link toy. She loves when we stack blocks and she knows that they fall over now so she starts to squint her eyes and pull her head back before they fall.

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She saw her first Christmas tree

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She started solids. We’re doing baby led weaning {more on that later}. She also had her First Thanksgiving.

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She never falls over anymore when she sits, unless she’s tired of sitting and does it on purpose

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She’s exploring everything and loves feeling different textures

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She unexpectedly sat in a restaurant high chair… I will be bringing my cover from now on.

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She got a winter hat and I’m in love!

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She got her first tooth and spent LOTS of time in our bed while she was working on it. Teething plus some separation anxiety and sleep has not been on our side this month.

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She watched some Florida State football

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We left her with a babysitter {My parents} 2 times over Thanksgiving weekend. Friday while I was at work and Saturday evening while we were at a wedding.

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She is always swinging her arms {especially when she’s excited} and she’s constantly moving her hands {twisting her wrists, opening and closing them, and flipping them over to see the other side}

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She learned how to smack her lips and she does it all. the. time. She learned to blow raspberries

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She the sweetest girl in the world

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Happy 6 months, Kennedy Brooke! I couldn’t be happier to be your mommy ❤