Reese’s 3rd Birthday Q&A

I started this with Kennedy when she turned 3 so I started it with Reesey this year… er last year. She turned 3 in November. I’m sure you’ll note the common theme in her answers.

 photo Reese birthday-3892_zpsbrvfqdbl.jpg

Nicknames – Reesey, Reese Olivia, Reesey Pie

How old are you? Free (3)

What is your favorite color? purple

What is your favorite animal? horses

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What is your favorite book? Charlie the Ranch Dog

What is your favorite TV show? Sofia

What is your favorite movie? Flicka

What is your favorite song?  My God is SO Big

What is your favorite food? Mac and Cheese

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What is your favorite drink? Hot Chocolate

What is your favorite breakfast food? Granola bar

What is your favorite snack? Fruit Snacks and Dunkin Donuts

What is your favorite outfit? Pajamas

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What is your favorite game? Gaston and the Beast (They play this with David and it’s some kind of Beauty and the Beast themed chase game)

What is your favorite toy? Horses

Who is your best friend? The girl that has the pony (She means Reesa from the petting zoo in town. They both like that their names are similar).

What is your favorite thing to do? Play horses

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What is your favorite thing to do outside? Play horses

What is your favorite holiday? trick or treating… Kennedy said this too.

What do you like to take to bed with you at night? horses

Where is your favorite place to go?  disney

What is your favorite restaurant? 5 guys

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Where do you want to go on vacation? Disney

What do you want to be when you grow up? A HORSE! We suggested maybe she can take care of horses…

What did you do on your birthday? Unfortunately, Reesey’s birthday was during David’s “unnamed employer Crisis of 2016” and it fell on a weekday so David wasn’t home. We pretended like her birthday was the following Saturday because David felt so bad that he wouldn’t be home. By November the girl’s missed him a lot and they got upset when we talked about him not being home so it was easier to not discuss him being gone for her birthday and luckily she’s young enough that she didn’t get it. That Saturday, Kennedy woke up early and woke Reese up so balloons were a no go. We did presents and hung out while they played with those for a while. That afternoon, we took the girls to the fair so now Reese thinks the fair comes for her birthday and plans to again next year.

I have to mention this because it’s one of those stories you’ll never forget… I asked Reese what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday. She was very specific and wanted a cake with purple frosting, topped with horses and sprinkles. The girls and I made a double layer round cake and we made some buttercream frosting to go with it because homemade is the way to go. I frosted it later and when I finished it I was going to put it in the fridge. I opened the door to the fridge and the cake flipped off the cake plate to the floor. It landed upside down of course. I had to laugh because what else do you do, right? Cry, maybe. So I did what any normal mom would do and took the bottom layer of the cake that didn’t hit the ground and stuck it back on the cake plate. I stuck candles in it, her number 3, and a bunch of horses and we sang happy birthday. I made her a new cake the next day.

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Goodbye 28… Hello 29!

Guys. I’m 29. How did this happen? Because, apparently, last Thursday it happened.

I just don’t get it. I still feel like a little kid when I go to the grocery store and people look at me funny when I claim both girls as my own. But, here I am… my last year in my 20’s.

My actual birthday was great. I slept in and David had an iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts waiting for me when I woke up. Kennedy saw me and started yelling the Happy Birthday song while showing me the “card” she made for me. My friend Tiffany took me to lunch and my sister and BIL watched the girls later that day so David and I could get out by ourselves for a bit. David was asking me all day where I wanted to go, but I couldn’t decide. Finally I decided that I didn’t want to go to dinner. I wanted quiet AND I was too lazy to actually get dressed, so we went to Publix, loaded up our picnic basket, and ate dinner at this park David loves.

 photo 737C108A-4D86-4D90-9124-AFF75CCA1BEA_zps6qscckvp.jpg

{so, I’ve decided after seeing this picture we need a real picnic blanket. We were in a hurry so David grabbed a couple of towels and it kind of kills the vibe. How’s that for random?}

Anyways, we came home and ate ice cream cookie sandwiches and key lime pie with Lo and Paul. Desserts for the win! We let Kennedy stay up so she could help me blow out the candles and we ended up doing it twice because birthdays are her favorite thing ever.

So, 29 doesn’t seem so bad, but I’m sure the birthday kisses from my baby girl helped.

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That Time I Almost Threw In My DIY Towel

I like to make things or do little DIY projects for the girls for their birthdays and Christmas. It feels more genuine or something I guess… and I just like to make stuff in general… so for Kennedy’s birthday I decided to do a little Ikea Hack on this table and chair set that is so boring, but completely unfinished and just screaming for some DIY love.

I wanted simple. A few coats of spray paint, some gold, and chalkboard paint. I’m thinking give me a few hours and it’ll be perfect.

Wrong. So… so very wrong.

The seats and back of the chairs are white so I decided to do solid white with some gold color blocking on the legs of the chairs and then paint the tabletop with chalkboard paint. I laid out all the pieces and gave them A SINGLE COAT of spray paint and then left to go to my sister’s house for a while. I came back about 2 hours later, flipped them over and spray painted the other side.

My biggest mistake… not checking that the paint on the other side was dry, but COME ON its spray paint {which I use all the time} and it had been 2 HOURS!

So when I flipped it back over to do the second coat on the first side… it. looked. awful. There was stuff stuck all over it, the paint was gross, the stupid tarp was even coming off in pieces onto it.

Naturally, I just started freaking out which is the totally normal thing to do. I blame it on having been painting my kitchen cabinets for 3,000 hours the previous week and being so, so incredibly tired of paint, but really I was just a hot mess.

So first things first… in order to remedy the situation I went inside and got the rest of Kennedy’s birthday cake out of the fridge and a fork so I could eat cake whilst I RE-DID the stupid table. Sidenote: I don’t really even like cake… it’s the last dessert I’d pick, but it was all I had as far as sugar goes.

David thought this was hilarious so he took a picture to send to my mom….

 photo EA9795AC-AA51-49E6-879C-C1656B143C76_zpsnzrwrrhx.jpg

I can’t really explain how furious I was. I literally couldn’t even talk I was so irrationally upset. I was just trying to make a pretty little birthday present for my baby girl and I just wanted to throw it away. David was the calming force through the rest of the night and the next few nights were I ended up sanding the whole thing down and repainting several coats of white with a brush and real paint.

 photo DIYTable-3_zps0313ab57.jpg

 photo DIYTable-2_zpseb4336ed.jpg

 photo DIYTable-1_zpsbebf16f5.jpg

 photo DIYTable-4_zpsf968d914.jpg

So whatever, it’s done and I think it’s pretty cute, but I will forever hate this table. I hold grudges against inanimate objects and I’m ok with that. The things I do for these girls… I can’t wait until they read this one day.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Kennedy!

Kennedy Brooke,

You’re 2 years old today! I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since you made me a mommy and let me just tell you….

It’s been the best 2 years of my life.

I wonder if there will be a day when I’m just excited for your birthday and not so incredibly emotional at the same time. It’s so, so hard because I want to stop time. I don’t want you to grow up anymore than you already have, but at the same time I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next.

Sometimes I think, “I’ll keep her in diapers just a little longer” and then your Auntie Lo reminds me that you’re ready and tells me to go buy you some big girl underwear.

Or maybe I’ll let you keep your paci a little longer, because when that’s gone, the tiny baby I took home from the hospital will be almost gone. Gone and replaced by this beautiful, little girl that sings “I Love You So Much” and calls me mommy in the sweetest voice ever known to man.

Babies don’t keep. Sad, but true. I love the baby you were, but I love the little girl you are becoming. To see you grow and learn. The joy in your face, the excitement in your eyes. It’s an amazing journey that we’re on together and I can’t wait to see how God’s plan for your life unfolds.

Happy Birthday, baby girl.

With all my love,

This and That

Quick update… David got pulled in off the lake and made it home safely. He did not, however, get off the lake in time to beat the storm and got poured on. Boating fail #2 for the summer I’d say.

Moving on…

Loved all my birthday cards… way to
make a girl feel special 🙂

You know you’re getting old when you get a food processor for you birthday and you’re totally excited about it! It even slices… so coooool!!!!

You know you’re still totally immature when your best friend gets you a sock puppet card and You. Love. It!

Love that David got me the J. Adler phone cover! Cutest ever!

I am a terrible niece because I still haven’t sent my aunt the pictures she requested a LONG time ago! Sorry Auntie Deb! I set my alarm!

My baby girl loves the bathtub. She likes to hang out in there while I get ready in the morning. So cute!

That’s it for now! Happy Wednesday!