Kennedy Says |4th Birthday Edition|

I know I’m just posting this now, but I actually did this the day after her birthday and it’s been sitting as a draft post ever since so this is me continuing to catch up. AND I don’t necessarily agree with her answers, but I wrote down what her first response was.

 photo 4th birthday_zpseybydr3w.jpg

Nicknames – Kennedy and Kennedy Brooke

How old are you? four

What is your favorite color? red (same as last year)

What is your favorite animal? owl

 photo 4th birthday-2_zpsovzlpsao.jpg

What is your favorite book? I Was So Mad

What is your favorite TV show?  Dinosaur Train

What is your favorite movie? Cinderella

What is your favorite song?  Colors of the Wind (Pocahontas) and I’ve Got a Dream (Rapunzel)

 photo 4th birthday-3_zps7hwh3pqn.jpg

What is your favorite food? Pizza

What is your favorite drink? Milk

What is your favorite breakfast food? Pancakes

What is your favorite snack? crackers

What is your favorite outfit? Anna dress

 photo 4th birthday-4_zps28ziuogv.jpg

What is your favorite game? Candyland

What is your favorite toy? blocks

Who is your best friend? Madeline and Riley

What is your favorite thing to do? Catching crabs and fishies at the beach

 photo 4th birthday-5_zpsuderdjeu.jpg

What is your favorite thing to do outside? Play in the tree

What is your favorite holiday? She said, “trick or treat”… Halloween

What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Reindeer (This changes on the regular though). The only thing that’s a constant is yellow blankie and blue blankie.

 photo 4th birthday-6_zpsttt3zeol.jpg

Where is your favorite place to go?  beach

What is your favorite restaurant? Chef Mickey’s

Where do you want to go on vacation? Disney

What do you want to be when you grow up?  a bulcanologist (volcanologist)

What did you do on your birthday?  She woke up to balloons all over her room and we could hear her saying “oh man, oh man”  “I love this”  “this is amazing” and then we ate Minnie pancakes.  We asked if she wanted Dunkin Donuts, but she said no. We went to the splash pad for a while before we went to her doctor appointment where we found out both girls had strep.  Happy Birthday!  We played at home the rest of the day and they rested on the couch.  We took them to 5 Guys for dinner (where Kennedy asked to go), but neither of them were very hungry.  We got her a cupcake from Small Cakes and then went home to eat the cake she helped bake earlier in the day.  That weekend we went to the beach and planned to go to the Jacksonville Zoo, but we postponed that because of them having strep and her not being in the best mood.


Kennedy Update |4 years old|

Kennedy turned 4 at the end of May and I haven’t done an update on her in a while. It’s actually hard for me to find pictures of just Kennedy now because Reese is in all of them, but I found a few.

 photo Kennedy 4 years-19_zpss6cly5v8.jpg

– She is a little sponge. Always ready to learn new things. She’s dying to read so we’re working on that. She can sound out simple words and spell them if I sound it out to her. She can write most of the alphabet, but some letters are backwards.

 photo Kennedy 4 years-2_zpsxs1mgb3z.jpg

– She loves to draw, color, paint, do crafts… anything creative. She stays in the lines really well and has figured out how to make colors by mixing the primaries and make lighter or darker shades with white and black.

 photo Kennedy 4 years-9_zpsoylkmjfp.jpg

-She gets little obsessions with things and for a while it’s been volcanoes. She initially called lava “ma-laba” because she was confusing magma and lava and it was super cute, but she’s got that figured out now. We’ve taken her to Disney Springs twice now and the Rainforest Cafe there looks like a volcano and she is simultaneously terrified of it and in love with it.

 photo Kennedy 4 years-8_zpsrop2g09a.jpg
– She loves to help… cleaning, cooking, laundry, carrying things for me.

 photo Kennedy 4 years-5_zpsctmiatlv.jpg

– She wants to be the boss and she doesn’t like it when things don’t go her way. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard “I can’t wait until I’m the mommy”

 photo Kennedy 4 years_zpslbgm0jvz.jpg

– She was rocking some major attitude during the downhill side of 3 and beginning part of 4 and it was rough. There was a constant need for her to have the last word no matter what I said or anyone else for that matter. We actually had to remove the word “well” from her vocabulary. She wasn’t allowed to say it anymore. Luckily, she seems to be on the other side of that… for now.

 photo Kennedy 4 years-7_zpsp9lgihrp.jpg

– Speaking of attitudes. I found out from a really bad week of totally out of character meltdowns that she has a weird reaction when she takes zyrtec. Literally Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. She can’t sleep and gets totally irrational.

 photo Kennedy 4 years-6_zpsdckgozsl.jpg

– She is over the top in love with Holland. I was sure that Reese would be the one who wanted to help with everything and take care of her, but Kennedy has really surprised me. She loves to try and figure out what she needs or how to help her, holds her all the time, and really just enjoys spending time with her.

 photo Kennedy 4 years-14_zpsefgsvr24.jpg

– She has a pretty good understanding now of her age difference with Reese and Holland and she’s stepping into that oldest sister role really well. She loves to say, “because I’m 4 and she’s 2.”

 photo Kennedy 4 years-18_zpsqetospf5.jpg
– She is very cautious about things until she is sure she can both master it and stay safe. Sometimes it’s very hard to get her to try something because she is immediately afraid, but in the next instance she’s acting totally fearless because it’s something she’s done before.

 photo Kennedy 4 years-10_zpsm2scwybu.jpg

– She LOVES to be outside. She wants to be out there catching frogs and lizards, climbing trees, and exploring our backyard all day long. She loves to dig in the dirt and we have a huge hole in our backyard from it.

 photo Kennedy 4 years-11_zpsycmrc6iv.jpg

– She takes a ballet class and a gymnastics class and she loves them both.

 photo Kennedy 4 years-3_zps2ap1mosu.jpg

– she drives us crazy, makes us laugh, and I don’t know where we’d be without her. Love you to the moon, Kennedy Brooke ‚̧

Snip Snip

It’s like a cardinal parenting rule:  Should your kid become too quiet go figure out what they did wrong, broke, painted, or in my case CUT.

So, one day back in February I was sitting in the living room, working on painting the headboards for the girl’s new room, during Reese’s nap.  Kennedy had been sitting with me, but she left and went into her room.  She doesn’t take naps anymore, but when Reese naps Kennedy is supposed to do quiet activities.  I didn’t think anything of the fact that she was being quiet, especially since Reese was asleep in there, and there isn’t anything she can’t play with in their room, BUT I should have known.

Kennedy had recently used a pair of scissors in one of her classes and cutting with scissors was her new favorite thing.  I didn’t want her using our big scissors, or any pair for that matter really, but I went and got her first pair of scissors, a preschool pair.  Earlier in the day, she had been practicing cutting out shapes at the kitchen table.  I had no idea the scissors were still out or when she got them, but when David went into her room to check on her she was sitting on her floor innocently cutting out shapes from paper.  It was time to wake up Reese anyways and I didn’t want her using them in her room by herself so I went in there.  I walked up to Reese to wake her up, brushed the hair off her face, and that’s when I saw it.  Little clumps of hair all. over. her. bed.   While Reese slept, Kennedy had played hair salon.

Immediately, I’m thinking 1000 things at once.  Why didn’t I check on her sooner?  We went over the NEVER cutting hair situation when we got the scissors… why did she cut her sister’s hair?!  Why did I ever mention cutting hair like that was even a possibility?  Poor Reesey… she hardly has any hair at all and she’s dying for long hair like her sister and now she looks like Rihanna with a half-shaved head.  The worst haircut ever.  All the feels.

 photo reese haircut-1156_zpsl3jvghvr.jpg

Anyways, I had to deal with the aftermath somehow so I debated 2 options.  Give her a pixie cut or trim it up to conceal it a little better and ride out the awkward.  I went with the second option because I felt terrible cutting off her hair when I know she wants it long.

 photo reese haircut-1161_zpscol7wqbz.jpg

Luckily, her hair is so blonde that it was hidden a little more that way too, but the first few weeks were definitely awkward.

 photo reese haircut-1160_zpscdpy7kbl.jpg

Now, it’s been about 2 months and it looks so much better than it did that first day. Much less blunt and lucky for her, her hair is growing pretty quickly right now.

Kennedy realized what a bad idea the haircut was when she asked me to fix it and I explained that I couldn’t fix it.  My parents were coming to town the next day and she kept asking me over and over not to tell them that she cut Reese’s hair.  She was so anxious about them finding out.  I told her I wouldn’t tell them, but if they noticed we’d have to explain what happened.  She ended up just spilling the whole story about a minute after they walked in the door and you could tell she felt so much better that they knew. Sometimees Reese still tells people that Kennedy cut her hair or she’ll mention it to me when I brush it, but she wasn’t really phased by it at all.  I’m forever traumatized and not sure Kennedy or any of my children will ever use a pair of scissors again.

So that’s, that.  I think it’s the first sibling right of passage we’ve had at our house and I’m sure it won’t be the last.  Good luck, #3.



We went to Disney for a few days in the beginning of May with our friends Beth and Paul and their 2 girls. Their oldest, Madeline, is 2 weeks younger than Kennedy and they’re BFF. She’s been on the blog more than a few times I’m sure.

As far as timing goes, it was perfect. The park wasn’t too crowded and the weather was great. We stayed at the Animal Kingdom resort, which was really nice, and the girls loved seeing all the animals wandering around the hotel. I think we’ve decided that next time we’ll stay at one of the resorts that directly connects to Magic Kingdom just to make life easier though. Everything with a stroller is more complicated so being able to hop on the monorail without folding it up or taking the girls out would be awesome. We took the ferry in which was fine, just a little slower. Anyways…

 photo Disney 1 of 15_zpsdq82s5gb.jpg

Our first day was at Animal Kingdom and aside from some issues with our Magic Bands trying to enter the park everything was great.

 photo Disney 2 of 15_zpsgrtjx4lo.jpg

 photo Disney 3 of 15_zpsmllsrdbm.jpg

 photo Disney 4 of 15_zpsno6cz5mf.jpg

We only rode one real ride aside from the Safari. It was basically a dinosaur version of Dumbo, and Kennedy screamed the entire time. Screamed. So, we were a little worried about the next few days.

That day, Reese fell asleep in the Ergo for a while, but Kennedy didn’t fall asleep until the drive over to the hotel after we left the park. She was out cold, so David took her out of the car seat and put her in the stroller without her waking up. Can I get a successful transfer AMEN? She stayed asleep until we woke her up to go to Chef Mickey’s for dinner. I just have iphone videos of Chef Mickey’s, but Kennedy thought it was awesome and Reese was terrified if the characters came too close, but the girl loves, LOVES, Minnie now.

 photo Disney 5 of 15_zpssw0x7mde.jpg

We let Kennedy sleep in the big bed and surrounded her with pillows so she wouldn’t roll off and she thought it was awesome. They slept pretty well. Kennedy stayed up late, until almost 10 both nights, just talking and talking, but once she finally fell asleep she was out.

 photo Disney 1 of 5_zpsriympui4.jpg

 photo Disney 6 of 15_zpsvhunwxll.jpg

Reese was in the pack and play in this little nook in the bathroom and she slept like Reese ūüôā

We spent the next 2 days at Magic Kingdom and we all loved it, but the first morning was not off to a great start. We tried to drive over to one of the hotels and take the monorail, but the monorail was closed and the security guards were intense. So that idea got killed and on our way to the Magic Kingdom parking lot we passed the 1 turn for it. So we pulled a u-turn in the median and of course, OF COURSE, there was an unmarked cop car that saw us. Woop, woop! It was awesome. David couldn’t find an unexpired insurance card and the cop was really lame at first. Then I said, “can I just say that we’re not from here (yes we are), and we’re totally lost (no we weren’t) and we’re just trying to go to Magic Kingdom”. So he leaves and comes back a new man and says some nonsense about how he doesn’t like our license plate because he went to UCF and he doesn’t want to get David in trouble and lets us leave. So we got to the park WAY later than anticipated. Beth and I weren’t in the best moods that morning we’ll just say that.

 photo Disney 1 of 1_zpsavfslgwi.jpg

 photo Disney 10 of 15_zps5deiqp21.jpg

We took the girls on the Ariel ride and Kennedy, again, screamed the whole time. This time she kept saying, “I want to go back to my hotel”. So we figured out Kennedy wouldn’t like any rides in the dark or anything Dumbo-ish.

Her favorite was the carousel, hands down. It worked because Reese loved it, too. She kept saying “neigh, neigh”

 photo Disney 7 of 15_zps5ncnq3a0.jpg

 photo Disney 8 of 15_zpssgtmabsi.jpg

 photo Disney 3 of 5_zpsguyikzxl.jpg

 photo Disney 2 of 5_zpsiwkbkzux.jpg

 photo Disney 9 of 15_zpswhmfiyrl.jpg

Her next favorite might have been the Barnstormer and that’s a little roller coaster that is near and dear to my heart so that was awesome. She also liked the “boat ride” (It’s a Small World) and the tea cups.

They met all the princesses. And here you get to see the many faces of Kennedy.

 photo Disney 11 of 15_zpsdolipaew.jpg

 photo Disney 12 of 15_zpse93koq4t.jpg
 photo Disney 13 of 15_zps7iwryueh.jpg

And Reese just watched from the sidelines most of the time. She loved all the princesses though and she would get so excited, but didn’t want to get too close. And then, finally, we met Aurora. (Who I just figured out is sleeping beauty! I always just called her sleeping beauty.)

First she was all, let me show you my shirt…

 photo Disney 4 of 5_zpsxfdujpwl.jpg

And then she ran in for the real thing and gave her a hug and I about died because it was so cute.

 photo Disney 5 of 5_zpssn44ueje.jpg

We rode everything else that they could ride and saw all the sights. When we got tired, toward the end of the 2nd day, we took them on the train ride. We thought Kennedy would love it, but she didn’t seem to think much of it. We also rode the People Mover and got stuck in the dark part through Space Mountain. I had to light up the flashlight on my phone to keep Kennedy from losing it (“I can’t see anyfing!”) while the intercom was begging people to stay in the cars.

 photo Disney 14 of 15_zpsiun4rpcl.jpg

We ended our trip with some Mickey ice cream cones and a couple more rides. We tried to get them to nap so we could stay for the parade, but I couldn’t get Reese to fall asleep so we called it a day.

David and I have been trying to figure out what we loved about it so much. Was it the “magic” of Disney or something else. I think it was a little Disney magic… everything is perfect, clean, and easy with kids and that’s really nice. But, we really think it was just that is was our first family vacation where the girls were involved and not just along for the ride. It was planned for them and around them. It’s so exciting to be able to think about where we’ll take them next and what we’ll do for our next family vacation. We’ll definitely be back to Disney again soon though.

Kennedy Says |Birthday Edition|

I asked Kennedy to answer a list of questions. ¬†I plan to do it every year for her birthday and see how her answers change. ¬†Funny thing, the girl of a million words was straight one word answers except for a few. ¬†I was trying to do it quick so she’d give me what came to her head first so maybe that’s why.

Nicknames – She doesn’t really have one. ¬†She’s Kennedy or Kennedy Brooke. ¬†Sometimes I call her love bug or lady bug, but it’s not specific to her.

How old are you? three

What is your favorite color? red

What is your favorite animal? dog

What is your favorite book? bible

What is your favorite TV show? She doesn’t really watch TV so she didn’t really have an answer to this one. ¬†She likes Dinosaur train though so she agreed on that.

What is your favorite movie? Little Mermaid

What is your favorite song? Let It Go

What is your favorite food? 1st try – Broccoli, 2nd try – chicken, 3rd try – chocolate {she likes broccoli and chicken, but they’re definitely not her favorite and as her mom I know that pizza is her favorite food}

What is your favorite drink? smoothie

What is your favorite breakfast food? 1st try – chocolate, 2nd try – donuts

What is your favorite snack? monkey chips – roasted plantain chips from Trader Joes {they have monkeys on the bag}

What is your favorite outfit? princess dress

What is your favorite game? hide and seek

What is your favorite toy? thomas – I think she means the ride on Thomas the Train

Who is your best friend? Madeline

What is your favorite thing to do? trampoline

What is your favorite thing to do outside? run through the water

What is your favorite holiday? Christmas

What do you like to take to bed with you at night? yellow blankie, blue blankie, Thomas, and paci. ¬†{She still sleeps with paci and I’m okay with it. ¬†I know she won’t take it to college with her and I much prefer something I can take away over thumb sucking}

Where is your favorite place to go?  beach

What is your favorite restaurant? Moes

Where do you want to go on vacation? hotel with a pool {pretty sure she means the Animal Kingdom Lodge from our Disney vacay.}

What do you want to be when you grow up?  A doctor.  Like the one that fixed our vacuum.  {Probably close to a year ago we had to drop off our vacuum at the repair shop and I called it the vacuum doctor.}

What did you do on your birthday?  We went to the beach the day before and her actual birthday was on a Tuesday so she woke up to balloons all over her room, we went to Dunkin Donuts and ate inside because she loves to go inside, she helped me bake her birthday cake and make frosting and decorate the cake {she picked the color of the frosting and sprinkles}, she stomped in the river we made in her new rain boots, and that night we got pizza and took it to the splash pad with our cake and Madeline and her family met us there to play.

 photo 260AB5A4-96E1-458C-A093-4974C068513F_zpszrlyxchc.jpg

 photo 87FC9999-5318-49F7-8D14-DA5E837128D4_zpsyybf4hak.jpg

 photo 12EB7B2A-86A5-49D9-AFA7-E643C91FBCC6_zpsjicpwlsl.jpg

 photo E93C9B1C-D352-42CC-9255-773FC0AFB38E_zpso3ltei12.jpg

 photo 5943F02C-DC83-4390-919E-57ABEFCD5DC0_zps091smjdl.jpg



Happy 3rd Birthday, Kennedy!

Dear Kennedy,

I had until 2:58pm today to call you a 2-year old.  It came and went and you are officially three.  How is it possible that it’s already been three years since you changed my life forever? How is it possible that it’s only been three years because my days before you seem so blurry and far away. 

You are amazing in so many ways and I love that it’s my job to spend my days with you… difficult as they are sometimes. Okay, a lot of the time.  You’ve changed so much this year and I’ve so loved watching you become this little person with such a big personality.  
I have a threenager.  I think I’m more scared of you now than I was when you turned two, but I still couldn’t love you more.  
 photo 779DFAFE-197F-42C2-9B64-2486B4FD98E0_zpsqavmowha.jpg

Happy 3rd birthday, Kennedy Brooke!  

With all my love, 



Kennedy Says |Volume 15|

We went to the splash pad the other day and it started pouring on us.  Sheets of rain.  So we ran to the car and I flung Kennedy’s door open and told her to climb in while I went to the other side to put Reese in.  Her door was open for a while and her car seat tuned into a pool.  

Kennedy: Mommy, God needs to say sorry to me for getting my car seat all wet!

Me: It’s ok it’ll dry. 

Kennedy: Dear God.  Thank you for this day and all our blessings. But I’m still mad that you watered the plants too hard and it got in my car seat. Please send a rainbow to promise you will not send a storm a-gain!

I about died from trying not to laugh, but really I loved this so much!  God doesn’t want fake prayers… He doesn’t want you to pretend when really you’re upset.  He wants us to be real and tell Him how we feel.  I’m glad she’s got that part down.