Kennedy Says |4th Birthday Edition|

I know I’m just posting this now, but I actually did this the day after her birthday and it’s been sitting as a draft post ever since so this is me continuing to catch up. AND I don’t necessarily agree with her answers, but I wrote down what her first response was.

 photo 4th birthday_zpseybydr3w.jpg

Nicknames – Kennedy and Kennedy Brooke

How old are you? four

What is your favorite color? red (same as last year)

What is your favorite animal? owl

 photo 4th birthday-2_zpsovzlpsao.jpg

What is your favorite book? I Was So Mad

What is your favorite TV show?  Dinosaur Train

What is your favorite movie? Cinderella

What is your favorite song?  Colors of the Wind (Pocahontas) and I’ve Got a Dream (Rapunzel)

 photo 4th birthday-3_zps7hwh3pqn.jpg

What is your favorite food? Pizza

What is your favorite drink? Milk

What is your favorite breakfast food? Pancakes

What is your favorite snack? crackers

What is your favorite outfit? Anna dress

 photo 4th birthday-4_zps28ziuogv.jpg

What is your favorite game? Candyland

What is your favorite toy? blocks

Who is your best friend? Madeline and Riley

What is your favorite thing to do? Catching crabs and fishies at the beach

 photo 4th birthday-5_zpsuderdjeu.jpg

What is your favorite thing to do outside? Play in the tree

What is your favorite holiday? She said, “trick or treat”… Halloween

What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Reindeer (This changes on the regular though). The only thing that’s a constant is yellow blankie and blue blankie.

 photo 4th birthday-6_zpsttt3zeol.jpg

Where is your favorite place to go?  beach

What is your favorite restaurant? Chef Mickey’s

Where do you want to go on vacation? Disney

What do you want to be when you grow up?  a bulcanologist (volcanologist)

What did you do on your birthday?  She woke up to balloons all over her room and we could hear her saying “oh man, oh man”  “I love this”  “this is amazing” and then we ate Minnie pancakes.  We asked if she wanted Dunkin Donuts, but she said no. We went to the splash pad for a while before we went to her doctor appointment where we found out both girls had strep.  Happy Birthday!  We played at home the rest of the day and they rested on the couch.  We took them to 5 Guys for dinner (where Kennedy asked to go), but neither of them were very hungry.  We got her a cupcake from Small Cakes and then went home to eat the cake she helped bake earlier in the day.  That weekend we went to the beach and planned to go to the Jacksonville Zoo, but we postponed that because of them having strep and her not being in the best mood.


Reese Update |2 years|

Reese will be 2.5 years old in May so I need to get this done before she turns 3.

Here’s what she’s been up to…

– She loves, loves, loves clothes. She can get herself completely dressed and she changes her clothes probably 15 times a day. She only wants to wear dresses or dress-up dresses and getting her to wear shorts or pants isn’t easy. She’s also super picky and getting her to wear something other than what she pulls out of the closet is a major battle. I can’t say that I blame her because I’m picky too, but wearing a dress and dress shoes to the playground isn’t always the smartest/safest option. She figured that out on her own last time when I let her wear that to the playground and her feet slipped off everything. I’ve also made her wear a certain dress to church and then when we get there I realize she’s put something else on underneath it.

 photo 6EA3322F-CB7D-4A44-ABBD-75A6ED971583_zpsiznlodvk.jpg

– She started to potty train herself around 20 months or so and I was not ready for that. We really didn’t have to do anything and she’s 100% in underwear now.
We tried to keep her in a diaper or a pull-up for bedtime because I didn’t trust her to stay dry all night, but the battles were too much so I let her try it and she proved me wrong.

– She hates taking naps now. It’s a million times easier for me to plan some kind of drive home around her nap time and transfer her to her bed or else getting her to take a nap is next to impossible. Even if I lay down with her, or sit in her room, she doesn’t go to sleep. I’d almost be OK with an earlier bedtime and no nap, but she will end up falling asleep randomly at some point in the afternoon and it’s usually not at the most convenient time. She still needs a nap.  (and sneak peak of the girl’s new room!)

 photo Reese-1774_zpsklc48ju6.jpg

– She is my adventurous eater and she has a pretty decent appetite most days considering how tiny she is. There isn’t much she won’t try and a lot of the things she really likes Kennedy wouldn’t touch. She loves having yogurt with blueberries and granola and she eats that or scrambled eggs for breakfast every day. It’s very rare to see her eat a pancake or a waffle and that’s what Kennedy asks me for ever day. She also loves american cheese slices and she calls it morgan cheese. It’s one of the few words she pronounces incorrectly and I think it’s hilarious.

 photo Reese-9965_zps17ahaanf.jpg

– She talks constantly. Full paragraphs. It makes for good conversation between the 2 girls and it’s funny to listen in. I will say having 2 very talkative kids makes me crave silence at the end of the day.

– She loves to dance and dress up. She puts a princess dress on and asks me to play a song and she dances all around the house. My mom saved all of our dance costumes and the girls have a field day when we go home. Reese has fallen madly in love with one of my sister’s first ever dance costumes and it pretty much stays on the entire time were home.

 photo Reese-1799_zpsmoyjl77j.jpg

– Kennedy will just sit FOREVER and do workbooks, read books, puzzles… any kind of learning activity basically and actually WANT to do those things. It’s very easy to teach her just about anything. Reese on the other hand… she’s definitely not the first child. She’s my free spirit and everything I try to teach her has to be action based or some kind of song. It’s only been in the last few months that she will sit with me and read a book because before she had no interest and I’d just be reading out loud as she played. For a while she would let you read a few and now she let’s you read half a book and then decides she’s going to read the rest herself.

 photo Reese-8460_zpsyraqirmv.jpg

– Did I mention she’s strong-willed? I’ve always said her motto is that quote, “and though she be but little she is fierce” and she’s still living up to that. The girl has got major attitude and she will not go down without a fight. Being 2 is bringing that out so nicely in her.

 photo Reese-1798_zpswvghief4.jpg

– She is freaking adorable. She has this smile that will just melt your heart and you can’t stay mad at her. She knows it too and that’s the worst. If she is getting upset and starting to get an attitude and you say “Reesey don’t smile” she will start smiling and laughing right away.

 photo Reese-9055_zpsignuvtp1.jpg

– She is my cuddle bug and it’s the best. Kennedy was my snuggly baby, but Reese LOVES to snuggle now. She loves to be held, give hugs and kisses (she gives the longest kisses to me by the way… borderline awkward, but it’s hilarious), sit as close to me as possible on the couch, and have me lay with her before bed where she almost suffocates me with her hugs.

 photo Reese-9887_zpsiawjvud4.jpg

– She’s incredibly independent and it’s both good and bad. If it’s something I want her to do on her own it’s great, but if I don’t want to wait the extra however long it takes for her to climb into the car and get herself into her car seat it’s not so great. Or it just might not be safe for her to do something and that really makes her mad. This is where the majority of our battles stem from.

 photo Reese-1138_zpslgwhsg2i.jpg

She’s not a fan of water.  Last summer we’d go to the pool or the splash pad or the beach and she likes to hang and eat snacks and not go in the water.  By the end of last summer she was going in at the beach a little, but we went to the splash pad once this year already and she had no interest so we’ll see how interested she is this year.

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s enough for now.

Love you Reesey Pie!

Kennedy Says |Birthday Edition|

I asked Kennedy to answer a list of questions.  I plan to do it every year for her birthday and see how her answers change.  Funny thing, the girl of a million words was straight one word answers except for a few.  I was trying to do it quick so she’d give me what came to her head first so maybe that’s why.

Nicknames – She doesn’t really have one.  She’s Kennedy or Kennedy Brooke.  Sometimes I call her love bug or lady bug, but it’s not specific to her.

How old are you? three

What is your favorite color? red

What is your favorite animal? dog

What is your favorite book? bible

What is your favorite TV show? She doesn’t really watch TV so she didn’t really have an answer to this one.  She likes Dinosaur train though so she agreed on that.

What is your favorite movie? Little Mermaid

What is your favorite song? Let It Go

What is your favorite food? 1st try – Broccoli, 2nd try – chicken, 3rd try – chocolate {she likes broccoli and chicken, but they’re definitely not her favorite and as her mom I know that pizza is her favorite food}

What is your favorite drink? smoothie

What is your favorite breakfast food? 1st try – chocolate, 2nd try – donuts

What is your favorite snack? monkey chips – roasted plantain chips from Trader Joes {they have monkeys on the bag}

What is your favorite outfit? princess dress

What is your favorite game? hide and seek

What is your favorite toy? thomas – I think she means the ride on Thomas the Train

Who is your best friend? Madeline

What is your favorite thing to do? trampoline

What is your favorite thing to do outside? run through the water

What is your favorite holiday? Christmas

What do you like to take to bed with you at night? yellow blankie, blue blankie, Thomas, and paci.  {She still sleeps with paci and I’m okay with it.  I know she won’t take it to college with her and I much prefer something I can take away over thumb sucking}

Where is your favorite place to go?  beach

What is your favorite restaurant? Moes

Where do you want to go on vacation? hotel with a pool {pretty sure she means the Animal Kingdom Lodge from our Disney vacay.}

What do you want to be when you grow up?  A doctor.  Like the one that fixed our vacuum.  {Probably close to a year ago we had to drop off our vacuum at the repair shop and I called it the vacuum doctor.}

What did you do on your birthday?  We went to the beach the day before and her actual birthday was on a Tuesday so she woke up to balloons all over her room, we went to Dunkin Donuts and ate inside because she loves to go inside, she helped me bake her birthday cake and make frosting and decorate the cake {she picked the color of the frosting and sprinkles}, she stomped in the river we made in her new rain boots, and that night we got pizza and took it to the splash pad with our cake and Madeline and her family met us there to play.

 photo 260AB5A4-96E1-458C-A093-4974C068513F_zpszrlyxchc.jpg

 photo 87FC9999-5318-49F7-8D14-DA5E837128D4_zpsyybf4hak.jpg

 photo 12EB7B2A-86A5-49D9-AFA7-E643C91FBCC6_zpsjicpwlsl.jpg

 photo E93C9B1C-D352-42CC-9255-773FC0AFB38E_zpso3ltei12.jpg

 photo 5943F02C-DC83-4390-919E-57ABEFCD5DC0_zps091smjdl.jpg



Happy 3rd Birthday, Kennedy!

Dear Kennedy,

I had until 2:58pm today to call you a 2-year old.  It came and went and you are officially three.  How is it possible that it’s already been three years since you changed my life forever? How is it possible that it’s only been three years because my days before you seem so blurry and far away. 

You are amazing in so many ways and I love that it’s my job to spend my days with you… difficult as they are sometimes. Okay, a lot of the time.  You’ve changed so much this year and I’ve so loved watching you become this little person with such a big personality.  
I have a threenager.  I think I’m more scared of you now than I was when you turned two, but I still couldn’t love you more.  
 photo 779DFAFE-197F-42C2-9B64-2486B4FD98E0_zpsqavmowha.jpg

Happy 3rd birthday, Kennedy Brooke!  

With all my love, 



5 on Friday


Is there anything more annoying than having to listen your baby/toddler/kid whine or cry {or both} from the backseat of the car?  No, I didn’t think so.  Except having multiple children do this at the same time of course.  It’s like they know you are physically restrained so you can’t DO anything.  And really Kennedy, I can’t read you that book while I drive because, you know, I’m a little distracted trying to get everyone safely from point A to point B and all.  No biggie. 


I’ve probably mentioned it before, but David loves yard work.  Like, he subscribes to a YouTube channel about a guy that owns a lawncare business loves it.  {not kidding, but in his defense the guy is actually pretty cool} Anyways, he’s always scheming up ways to get new lawn equipment or upgrade what he’s currently got.  His most recent purchase was a leaf vacuum and his reasoning was because it mulches the leaves into smaller pieces and that’s better for his compost.  It may also be because he’s run out of lawn equipment items to buy.  Hey, if he’s happy I’m happy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel like we should be 80 years old and living in Del Boca Vista or some retired people community because my husband buys leaf vaccuums.  


Fast dry top coat.  I’ve been living under a rock I guess because I had NO clue this existed.  I never paint my nails because it just takes too long and then I wake up in the morning with sheet marks in my nails.  Anyways, I finally found out about this stuff and it’s like magic.  I painted my nails the other day and 5 minutes later I’m waking around with dry nails.  


I love, love seeing our girls grow up, but seeing how different their personalities are is fascinating to me.  I gave both girls a popsicle the other day and Reese took her time and licked her Popsicle until it turned into a spoon, but Kennedy ate hers really quickly, bite by bite.  Sounds about right to me. 


I bought the girls bathtub paint the other day. A red one and a pink one and they thought it was awesome.  Reese rubbed it all over her head and I realized after we did this two nights in a row that her hair had turned pink.  It’s just now starting to come out and it’s been over a week.  Blonde hair problems, but pink is better than blue or green, right?  

Happy Friday!

Kennedy Says |Volume 15|

We went to the splash pad the other day and it started pouring on us.  Sheets of rain.  So we ran to the car and I flung Kennedy’s door open and told her to climb in while I went to the other side to put Reese in.  Her door was open for a while and her car seat tuned into a pool.  

Kennedy: Mommy, God needs to say sorry to me for getting my car seat all wet!

Me: It’s ok it’ll dry. 

Kennedy: Dear God.  Thank you for this day and all our blessings. But I’m still mad that you watered the plants too hard and it got in my car seat. Please send a rainbow to promise you will not send a storm a-gain!

I about died from trying not to laugh, but really I loved this so much!  God doesn’t want fake prayers… He doesn’t want you to pretend when really you’re upset.  He wants us to be real and tell Him how we feel.  I’m glad she’s got that part down. 

Reese |17 and 18 Months|

Reese, you’re 1.5 years old! Older than Kennedy was when I had you, but still my baby! Here’s where you’ve been up to…

You sleep with baby, blankie, and lovey and after Disney you added minnie.

 photo Reese 17 and 18 3 of 5_zps8nozfy5p.jpg

You have 14 teeth and the last 2 canines on the bottom are cutting now. The canines have been the worst for you and that rock star sleeping I mention a while back, yeah that’s gone.

 photo Reese 17 and 18 3 of 5-2_zps6ipgnzcx.jpg

The 18 month sleep regression also kicked in and you went a little crazy for a few weeks. You woke up for about few hours every night from 1-4ish. You got so, so angry if your dad went in there instead of me. You also unweaned during the night because the only thing that would calm you down was to nurse.

 photo Reese 17 and 18 2 of 2_zpsmiziypy5.jpg

Anyways, you’re better now that the teeth are cutting and we’ve come to the other side of the sleep regression and we have nights where you sleep through and nights where you wake up once. I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

 photo Reese 17 and 18 1 of 2_zpsehwdlfj1.jpg

You’re obsessed with the potty. We’ve found you more than a few times sitting in it. Yes, in it. You are very aware of it and I guess that comes with watching Kennedy for the last year or so. Maybe you’ll potty train early, but I won’t be pushing it because in my opinion there are just as many cons to being potty trained as there are pros and it about breaks even with diapers.

 photo Reese 17 and 18 1 of 3_zpswr9mglox.jpg

 photo Reese 17 and 18 2 of 5_zpsjb4q9jli.jpg

You talk a lot, but mostly at home. You’re pretty quiet unless you’re super comfortable. I think some of the more recent is amen, all done, that, there it is, nigh-nigh, bye-bye, Minnie, potty, wishies (fishies), neigh, moo, duck, dog, ball, love you (ya you), bible, rock (when you rock on the rocking chair or elmer)

 photo Reese 17 and 18 1 of 5-2_zpsdddzrhic.jpg

You’re learning numbers and letters. You can say 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, and 9. The rest you call 2. Hearing you try to sing the alphabet song is one of my favorite things.

 photo Reese 17 and 18 4 of 5_zpsxrhaolqd.jpg

You love to take care of people. Especially babies. You will be my best helper if/when you get a baby sister or brother.

 photo Reese 17 and 18 5 of 5_zpsege4w46z.jpg

You kiss everything. Not kidding. Every page of your books. Toys. People. You name it, you kiss it. I haven’t figured this out yet, but I suppose you just love everything.

 photo Reese 17 and 18 2 of 5-2_zpsc0gmkwwj.jpg

You went to Disney for the first time and you loved it. You love all the Frozen characters and you bring me your Ana and Elsa dolls all the time and say “ana” so you loved seeing the princesses, but you wouldn’t go near them. At the very end of the 3rd day you ran up and gave Aurora a hug and I was so proud of you because I could see how excited you were.

 photo Reese 17 and 18 5 of 5-2_zpsjuvqxnww.jpg

You are still my little peanut. People still ask me how old you are because they can’t believe you’re walking. At your 18 month well visit yesterday you weighed 19 pounds and were 30″ long.

 photo Reese 17 and 18 2 of 3_zpsqlnlcuth.jpg

You’re still nursing, but not as much. Usually 3-4 times a day. I’m about over it though so after these teeth cut I’m going to start weaning you because I really don’t see you weaning yourself… EVER.

 photo Reese 17 and 18 1 of 5_zpsbrf7t3uh.jpg

My sweet, silly girl. I love you so much! Happy 17 and 18 months, Reesey!